General Update

Well i finally thought i should get my blog up and running.

What am i doing with myself at the minute? Not alot….i have so much on but such little motivation.

I currently am a staff writer/editor for a bad-ass heavymetal website, who is currently hitting up its 8 year anniversary!

Also writing on the unsigned reviews team for the UK Metal Underground (  So if any unsigned bands wander over here just message me any way you can and go sign up at the UKMU forums and post up a link to your myspace and also mention i directed you to the site so i can say hi properly :D/

What else… Also getting interviews and content together for my Heavy metal zine. It is going by the name of “Fistful of Metal Zine” an obvious referance to the Anthrax debut! I am still deciding whether to go full colour 50 page E-zine, that is webbased or just go for a 20 page black and white A5 print zine….Print is dead i realise so would be a waste of time…would be more badass tho…

Video Game wise- Currently got Halo Wars and Killzone 2 on the go. Expect a full writen review (maybe video review? if i can get my capture card to work?) within the next 2 weeks. Halo wars…im not so sure on ….Killzone is possibly the best FPS i have played in a while.

Apart from this people, keep watching here for regular updates into all of my works and as usuall if you have any comments, advice…make em here or message me at :   (there is a underscore between the 2 words!)


Keep the metal going people, soon the full extent of the NWOBTM will be revealed and so will the power of my awesomeness!

-Josh / Ori

-“If theres a new way….I’ll be the first in line”-


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