This Week…

Well this week is going to be nuts (I hope!)

I have a shit load of work to do and on top of that hope to get some other shit done as well – lets break it down:

I want to clear my majority work load from Metal Temple, this includes quite a few album reviews, a few gig reviews and maybe try and get an interview or two written up!…

Also planning on the fanzine continues full steam ahead, but everytime it begins to set into motion the whole thing comes crashing down, I have ideas but it is how i go about doing them, money is of course a major fucking issue as well!

Working a few extra hours in GAME this week, that will distract the hell out of me and on top of all of this I desperatly want to play Prototype some more and get some drinking sessions with various people on the go…so much to do, such little motivation!

Ultimate comic relaunch is this week as well, I am both overly cautious and excited- I can’t see them turning the ultimate line bitchery around but we will see.

untill next time



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