Batman: Arkham Asylum Demo Impressions

Well I finally had a chance to download the Batman Arkham Asylum demo on the Xbox 360, after a hefty as fuck wait for the MASSIVE download I was thrown into the boots of old bats and thrown into the madhouse… with a mixed impression at the end.

First thing that striked me is how fucking great the dialogue is, the voice acting is top notch and I hope it carries through for the rest of the game, I am especially once again impressed with Mark Hamill’s job on the Joker, that man is some kind of Joker god! He gets the voice down perfectly.

Once in Arkham everything goes to hell and you are put into combat strait away, simple controls and easy to pull of combos makes the combat seem fun, I am still pissed off with the fact that their is no blood, I am not asking for much but if I smash someone hard enough on the head/face with my foot/elbows/fists /head then I would honestly expect their to be a bit of blood…the game is already a 15, I cant see what the problem is- on one hand the developers are saying – “here you go batfans, the batman brawler you have always dreamt about” but on the other hand – “we cant put blood in…It might offend some of our potential audience wah wah wah” well its bollocks I want blood in my brawler! If your main villain is a fucking psychopath who likes to cut people with knives then I think blood is expected!

The game play seems fluid enough, with some nice touches that keep the game as visceral as it is willing to go, the slow motion blur on the knock out hits work really nicely. The only problem I have with the combat is that it is far…FAR to easy. I went through the whole demo without even getting hit, as soon as you get the ability to grapple to the gargoyles that are in EVERY room (only god fucking knows why Arkham would have built these in every room…seems like an unnecessary expense, especially considering that for a prison that holds Gothams most dangerous criminals….well the security is so poor… Halequin someone takes over the Wardens office and Joker waltzes in and creates mayhem, maybe they should buy security next time instead of contemporary gargoyles to make the place look more safe and scary??!

But the detective elements are quite cool, the ability to swoop down and scare the bejesus out of guards is awesome and the game is generally quite fun, just way to easy… Hopefully the boss battles will actually provide a challenge, then again that is exactly where the demo ends, are the develops scared to show off any more of the game in case it becomes to obvious how easy the whole game will be? Who knows, I don’t but the game is def a must buy, just from the demo.

Well I will be buying it anyway, whether it can keep the combat and levels varied throughout is a massive challenge and if they can pull that off I will be very impressed!


-OH and 2 things…. Sitting on a Gargoyle, jumping down, grabbing a guard and then hanging him upside down from the gargoyle is fucking awesome as he swings crying for help!

and secondly…how fucking stiff is batman, he moves around like he’s got jokers dildo up his ass or something, lighten up bats…you are in the fucking madhouse!! (Oh and the facial graphics are horrible…his face will give me nightmares, not cause he’s scary…but cause it just looks disgusting!)


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