My Fanzine Vs Kerrang

I am currently reading through last weeks issue of Kerrang (dont ask why) and I am reading what has to be the biggest heap of shit I have ever read, they should either just stop making the magazine or get me as either Editor or a writer… it still has potential and the pull to get big interviews, but the content is really just poor.. this makes me really wonder why I can’t get my fanzine off the ground yet this pile of horse shit gets read every week and continually made…

I mean really- they just posted “top 50 most influential albums of 21st century” there will be more on this later, but they pin Green Day American Idiot as number one…fuck off Kerrang, I don’t care if it is reader voted- grow a pair of balls and sort this out. It has Death Magnetic and All hope is gone in… what has that had time to influence and what could it ever, they are sub-par albums from bands trying to either regain some dignity or in Slipknots case, (hopefully) go out on a high while incorporating factors from other contemporary bands and Stone Sour… foolish Kerrang!

Anyway – i think anything i could potentially create would be better not only in content but also in interest then Kerrang, its just how to get it started! Any ideas?


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