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This month has been great for comics so far this month, not only have we seen the re-launch of the Ultimates universe (which has been awesome so far I must say) but we are also treated to #500 of Daredevil as well as Captain America Reborn #2 and some really cool Independent stuff as well.

I am going to try a hand at writing some reviews soon, but to be honest I don’t think a blog is suitable to post them, I really need to get a blog that worked in the style of Kotaku where you get a little intro to the story/article and then can expand the story – I know most websites work like this, but i think it works well in Blog format, especially when a lot is to be said – again if anyone knows how to do this please mail me!

As said keep checking back for comic reviews, stuff is going great for comics at the minute, Utopia crossover is comming to an end and Dark Reign finale is starting to get closer and closer, I love watching Norman Osborn (Green Goblin) slowly stumble back into madness.

Music wise I have secured two interviews for September so far – Scottish pirate metalers Alestorm and 80’s alcoholic-thrash metal from Germany, so that should be wicked! I just got the news I should be going over to Hellfire festival in November which is wicked as it has a really nice line-up comming together and I am also hoping to go to Damnation festival as well! Got a few gigs hopefully lined up but I just need to get interviews sorted etc!

Fanzine designs are starting to come together, still having trouble deciding between attempting a full mag, colour style zine just for the fucking hell of it or whether i stick to the black and white format. I don’t care how many copies I shift, I just want to get as much experiance while I can now, while i have the opportunity to fail and it to not particularly have a huge impact on my life.

Video game wise nothing cool is really happening – Look for Part one of “video game 2009 madness” this week, going to focus on something Sony related, I have written one for both PSP go and the PS3 slim cant decide which to run first tho.

If you have any cash pick up Shadow Complex on 360 arcade, it is bloody cool! Get past the awful intro section and once you get to the cave a really nice and familiar but original game opens up. Graphics are beautiful and the gameplay is brilliant, I love how their are so many places to go back to when new powers and abilities open up – listen to the hype, this is quite literally Metroid + Castlevania+ Cliffy B + sprinkle or originallity! This is best arcade game over summer and best release hands down for a a while and i have only played the demo!

-Peace out people

-Josh/Origami Kid


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