Halo: ODST

So Halo: ODST is now only a month away and I must say I am getting more and more excited. I, at first, was unconvinced of this game especially after the price hike up to full price from budget… but as more and more of the game got shown I am interested to see how the detective elements are going to play out. Being dropped into the city and having to piece together the events via flashbacks, activated upon stumbling onto important things (For example if you find a blown up bridge the game flashbacks and you play as the ODST troopers that blew the bridge) sounds like a really cool game play gimmick/idea.

The main draw of course is multiplayer. The game includes all of the halo 3 maps (thank god as I could never afford them at the time) as well as some new maps, one is a remake of Midship…this makes me want the game! I loved midship and its plasma grenade mayhem so that is going to be wicked fun! I at first wasn’t convinced of this new firefight mode, basically horde mode but has warthogs and stuff like that – i was VERY disappointed to learn it is only 4 player but watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJGPpqXFBcE

I dont know whether it is SGT. Johnsons wonderful voice or great dialouge that make me want this right now, but i really do.  The customization options on the characters looks great and this mode just looks proper fun! I hope people stick with this, cause i plan on playing this until November when COD:MW2 drops.
Oh and i really want recon armor, so that is priority number 1! Unlocking that will be tough but worth it i am sure!


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