Let the year begin…Preparing To Drop…

Well this is it! This is the last week before my facebook status’s, and I am sure my blog as well, are filled with constant moaning and whining about : Finance, Workload, general shitness…because University is starting once again for me on the 28th…sigh…all motivation has died now the time is so close…we shall see how it goes- Already some bad news, my bloody timetable looks to make it so I can not work around uni…grrr…bloody jobs!

On top of that finance still aint sorted…but still, more on the next week 😉

Video Games

Halo:O.D.S.T – Out tonight, will be giving the single player a run through tomorrow. I hope to complete it before people jump on firefight and the campaign co-op mode! I am also very interested in the midship remake, I loved that map so i look forward to some good old Halo matchmaking over the next few months until COD for some stress release!


I have spent the last few weeks trying to decide what to keep reading and I really just do not want to cut down on anything. So I think I will just continue with everything but cut down on the mini-series and random back issues I buy. Some cool highlights for last few weeks however are:

Ultimate Comics: Avengers #2 – This follows the brilliant issue #1 with the same amount of style and depth. Again the comic moves really quickly and could do with being paced a little better however (as did issue 1) has some class moments that will have you laughing out loud or have the quotes just stuck in your head…really good stuff!

Captain America Reborn #3 – This isn’t as good as #2 (which i thought was a little short of brilliant) but it is still a brilliant comic, which is the perfect jumping on point for those foolish enough to not have been following Cap over the last year or so (at the very least). Has some great moments and the story is developing nicely but i honestly do think it is time they introduced a new villain into this series… seriously Ed man… does cap have the smallest villian pool in the whole of the Marvel library?

Secret Warriors – I stopped reading this after a confusing issue #1, but i recently re-started reading this …and well… HOLY SHIT! Nick Fury really is the ultimate bad-ass. This comic has some of the best quotable’s from any book on the stands and to be honest, the story might not be great but this has Nick Fury really just being a fucking king, he takes no shit and produces some proper funny moments!

My comic – I actually had a cool advancement in my comic this week. I think i have managed to merge two of my ideas together and i have actually created a cool story out of it!! Keep posted for some more on that, but I think with a bit more advancement it could be rather cool!

What else can I talk about this time? Well i will leave music for another time (buy both Megadeth and Eviles album!) however a quick note: I am 100%!!! buying a domain (something related to the Negative Zone) and have talked to some people about hosting and shit, so it is all go! …well will be once i get some money! It will be used for reviews, news, previews etc! Gonna be cool!

Anyway! Have a good week people, speak to you when I have played some O.D.S.T!


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