Well what a cool turn of events!

Hey people, sorry for the long gap – I was going to post more, but I decided it was pointless until I got somewhere where there was more space to post, cause lets face it, this is not the right place for reviews…that’s why I have some cool news!

The Website:

Well the website looks go, I have spoken to some friends about various aspects and luckily one seems to have really come through for me, the website looks like it is not only going to be going up quickly but if all goes to plan will be looking bad-ass as well. The website (domain still to be revealed) will be like an online portfolio for people, so hopefully it can look professional enough so you can all stick work you do for the site into your portfolio, but on top of that this is hopefully going to stay current- Evolving into a site for hot and up-to-date news for MUSIC, VIDEO GAMES & COMICS. Will be quite the task (especially seeing as I buy comics monthly now…so will have to work on a way of maybe doing a monthly review of everything i read but still keep people interested throughout the other weeks…) and of course there is only so much music and Video games i can buy so will be looking for contributors! However this does segway into other ideas for example…

The Podcast!:

Right now there has been an idea going through me and a friends head for a long while now, we wanted to do a Video Game podcast but never got round to it. This however is our chance. I am thinking monthly podcast, coming in at just over an hour? With segments for Video Games, Music & Comics, discussing the latest news, releases etc- however with a different co-host for each segment. I think it would be really cool and having the 3 different co-hosts, each who knows the specific field quite well would lead to some awesome discussions and hopefully some laughs!

The Magazine:

This is on the fence, it threatens to go into either – disastrous or potentially do-able. I have started looking into some smaller bands that I want to promote to a wider audience for interview, as well as looking at some bigger bands that I would like as well. The problem is printing. Let me tell you all this now: printing is a BITCH. im serious. Takes the piss as to how expensive it is, my final lifeline comes today after i emailed another company that looks ok, asking for a quote…if it is half decent then my quest to create a zine that can better the shit music press around at the moment has begun. If they are gonna rip me off like everyone else then its ruined and i have to scale down to a point where my zine will be same as everyone elses!

That said, if I cant secure some of the things i want in terms of writers, features etc then this will fail anyway. I want to get atleast…ATLEAST one issue out….ffs- Keep your eyes pealed for more info!!

Anyway thats all for now, have a good few days and hopefully I will have a nice update for you on Friday!

-Josh/Origami kid


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