Talk about a hectic few weeks!

Well well, back again – and this time with a bit more stress then usual, but hey – thats how this bastard earth works. University is pounding it on, currently got so many deadlines rammed down my throat they are starting to come out the other end…I literally can’t keep track of what the hell is going on anymore.

But anyway: Updates updates updates!

The Zine

Is once again picked up, any initial thoughts of attempting to get ads have died in a firery blaze… blah i dont think i care anymore. I will just do a batch and loose the money if thats the way its got to be, which is going to annoy me slightly because I think the bands i have lined up are wicked. I have some bands that alot of the thrash regulars will know alot about already but also some more mysterious and up and coming bands. I am working on getting some big bands as well which will be awesome if I can pull it together. Im not so worried about pulling <i>enough</i> copy together nor am i worried about quality – I am worried I wont be able to fit my vision in 60 pages of A5 paper… If printing wasnt a bitch it would be different, but prof printing has me by the balls so i am having to settle for something in the middle, which tbh will probs turn out to be a timesaver on my part but not much else.

The Website

Is up! If you knew what the URL was going to be, type it in and its up! Looks great and i cant wait to get it filled up with content!! Thats the hard thing here, fillin it up and updating the news… Ben has done a wonderful job on the template and everything, sadly the backend stuff was designed for video game websites, but its all working as i would hope at this stage…although in the future i hope we can expand it! Expect it to be ready to go live by the end of November at the very latest, if not earlier (uni work permitting)



Reading more then i can possibly express in this blog at the moment, but the thing i picked up today and am loving is Daredevil 501. I think Diggle has a great understanding on the character, and while he needs to streamline his dialogue, everything is a little bit TO wordy…he will learn with time tho, i can see this turning out to be a very interesting ark, one that has turned everything upside down for Matt Murdock.

CHEW is again in my top of the month. the last book in the current ark is potentially the best yet. So strange, so great. I really love it, i know people are giving it praise because other people are…but i genuinally love this, from the moment i saw the preview in Walking dead to finally getting a copy of issue #1…so great. So unique, so bizzare, so well drawn and written. This has literally convinced me to try anything new Image put out – roll over Vertigo, your times over!

I will give some more input tomorow/later as im tired! But thats the haps, I want the zine out and in my hands. In the first steps to having my own magazine or being editor of a decent metal mag (or which thier ..well arnt any on the stands imo) then i need to get past this massive road hump. Its alot of time, money and effort to dedicate to a project that will almost certainly fail-  but i need to persevere!

-“Keep the fire, keep the fury! “


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