Almost had things going…

Really kind of pissed off. I almost had the zine ready to go with the first big announcements of content and some form of release date…but noooo one very wonderful festival has decided to cancel the WHOLE friday of the 3 day weekend, which is no big deal, in fact, i think it would have worked better as 2 day in the first place, however one of the only bands to not be playing is this band i was after… now dont know when i will be able to chat to them about the things i was after from them …. or get the interview!


Ok well … hopefully those following me, you will get an announcement by the end of Nov, i was aiming for x-mas release although look for potential early Jan. If i can pull the design together then expect it in Dec, if i cant then who knows. The content is in the process of getting finalized and it is looking very very awesome if i may say so! I think even if i can pull this off it will be money well spent, even if i dont get it all back!


Uni is quite literally killing me atm, i have no idea what the fuck i am doing, nor how i should go about it! so good times really.. NOT. Well Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 is out in a week, as is the new gama bomb album 😉 , but I hope to be able to launch my website with it full of atleast a little content in two weeks… lets hope shit goes to to plan this time!!

Anyway, just needed to clear that off ….

Peace till next time!



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