Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Well for once the internet doesn’t lie. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is literally a few hours long. So on my first run through the game on regular difficulty it took around 4 and a half/5 hours to complete… that in my books is disgusting. Halo 3 was only a few hours long, as was Halo:ODST and a few other big titles…if this is the way things are going then I am not impressed.

Was the game better for being so short? hmm probs not. I wont deny that i think its an amazing game, the single player seems to be more of everything, except story. Its more visceral, more in your face, and to be honest each level just feels like a way Infinity Ward are trying to test the BBFC/PEGI with what exactly they can get away with in a game. The story/plot is almost unfollowable which is a big shame as i thought that’s what made COD4 so brilliant, each section is a bridge to the next over the top scripted scene – which to be honest apart from some standout moments just don’t have the same impact as some of the ones from 4 (the epic sniper mission near the fairground anyone)?

As said i havnt been on the multiplayer yet, and i did REALLY enjoy the single player. It is best game of 2009 no doubt although i am left wondering if it is better then COD4… Expect a full review next week after i can play multiplayer, spec opps mode and give single player a blast on Veteran mode!



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