Well the shittest week ever hopefully ends now

Its a new week. Hopefully this week will bring better to fortune to me, my work and my general life!!

Small updates!

The fanzine is moving along at a nice pace. Content is all confirmed, just getting round to doing it is the tricky thing! It is going to be self made style instead of digitally printed due to cost however i am not the guy photocopying it, i have very god prices for some people to do it for me!! Looking at a batch of 300 initially. I am looking for a December release but i dont see that happening, so going for a Jan, mid jan at latest release. If i can shift these easily i will ramp everything up. I hope to have a second issue gracing the world by April.

The Website

The site is up. The content is not. This is a problem. There is only so much one guy can do, trying to get time to write comic book reviews is tough, as well as working 30 hours at GAME this week and dealing with all the shit at university this is becoming tough to manage everything… it will come together at some point, just later then i origianlly hoped!

Last thing to plug today: If you have not got the new Gama Bomb album yet, please go and download it for free at Earache.com/gamabomb .It is an incredible album, just intense as fuck and its FREE! Go download it you sons of bitches!

-Josh out for a few days! Look for bigger update mid week!


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