Well well well

Well work is not going well… Still more assignments keep coming. before you call me a whiny bitch would you like to write up a fake interview with Miley Cyrus A.K.A Hannah Fucking Montana. I cant just make it up either, cant be “Why & how i want to ruin Miley Cyrus because she is now finally 17” no… now i have to go through old fucking interviews and pull out quotes.

Feel for me.

Whatelse? Like 10 assignments, inc being an editor and a presentation, i just can not get motivated. Which fucks me off cause right now i have Assassins Creed 2 and Left For Dead 2 sat here essentially untouched. Thank god something has distracted me from COD:MW2, i look forward to getting back to some proper gaming.

The problem is, this has also sent everything else back a bit.

The Zine – delayed

Comics – havnt had a chance to buy any

The new website/Blog – Delayed as unable to write content

It is FUCKING me off! Just wait, things are on the way – oh so good things, I wanted to get this done before xmas but i physically dont think i will be able to afford it but besides that it wont be coming together. I am fucking booked until 7th of december with uni and then who knows!!

Shits on the way so just keep the faith! Unless i cut out my eyes in frustration with my uni work…



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