Big Announcement coming soon…

Well, here we finally go – the wheels are set in motion. Within the next two weeks I will be revealing the first big details regarding the fanzine. This means we will finally get to talk about the bands that will be included for reviews, the features, interviews, the other cool stuff i have planned and a whole lot more! The release date is on tender hooks, mainly money based, but expect a rough release date to be announced soon.

As said keep eyes peeled on here and for the first reveal and news. This fanzine will either arrive in a blaze of glory and power…or fail like your mum did last night… no i dunno, hopefully it will come off without a hitch, but i imagine issue #1 will always have some teething problems.

Is there anything any of YOU would like to see in the fanzine? If so tell me before i finalise the content A.K.A next two weeks or so – leave a comment here!

The thing i am finding difficult is to manage the design. Obviously it needs to be kept simple, but not too simple so that it doesnt just look like it has been thrown together. Saying that however, i dont want this to look like every other cut and paste scene. While that is great for a bit of nostalgia back to the punk days that none of us wer old enough to grow up with, I dunno if a bit of simplicity and clean cut format would actually help convey content across.

At the end of it – i love thrash and i love metal, i want to dive head first into journalism because i fucking love to write, so any attempt i can have at this stage in my life – before any failures really hit hard home – to get a bit of writing experience under my belt with magazine production, even if it is on the very small scale, can only be a good thing!

– As said i think everyone will really enjoy what I have in here, if they dont then there is always issue 2! đŸ˜€

-Josh / Origami Kid

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  1. origamikid says:

    Oi you Heathens – leave some comments!

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