Oh-Ten? Twenty Ten? Two Thousand and Ten? 2010? Who gives a fuck?

Well its the first proper post of 2010, sorry it has been so late, I hath been very distracted. What have I been up to? Not a huge amount – University has started (great results as well!), Comics have kicked off in a big way (Siege is underway god dam it!) and Video games are taking a slow start to the year – Although i am discovering some things about certain games that i wish i had never discovered…More on that later.

Ok so first things first – I have bad news about the Fanzine, Expect to hear about this in more detail by the end of the month – that’s all i am saying at the moment, but sadly things haven’t panned out as i hoped they would, but its not all bad – please keep in touch for more info!

Right – I saw Avatar, it was shit. Review is ready to be typed up so look for that tomorrow. Sherlock Holmes was great, love it! going to see it again tomorrow with my mother i think, we both share a mutual love of Robert Downey Jr … although tbh I would happily turn gay for that man, if anyone (other then the holy trinity of black actors who would turn me – Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson and Will Smith…hells yes) …where was I? Oh yea, if anyone could do it, it would be that man – that movie rules, look for a review maybe next week.

Assassins creed 2 – finally started playing it properly, and i am not impressed, the slight changes they have made are ruining it. The assassins tombs are amazing, as is the free running enhancements, but Ezio is a terrible character and the world just isn’t as fun to play in as Altiers was. The battle system is boring, i used to relish the opportunity to get into fights, the visceral battles were one of my favourite things about AC1 but for some reason I cant wait to get away from them this time around. They are boring, repetitive and frustrating. I looked up some old vidlogs, they def made changes to the system as this was one of the big things they were touting about AC2, “enhanced blah blah” but just not fun, ruining the experience for me. On top of that the game just feels easier, might be the fact u can literally just assassinate any guards and they never block it, or the fact you have a ridicules two hidden blades…just so fucking stupid. A+ for presentation, A+ for free running and making the assassins tombs feel like a modern day Prince of Persia, but D- for everything else.

I got an Iphone, more on that tomorrow and more on everything else over the next few days. Expect regular updates this year!

-Peace out people, hope your start to the year has been bearable, im sure its going to be one hell of a stressful year.

-Josh West

Origami kid


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