First Interview of the year Confirmed!

On Saturday the 23rd I sent my first interview request of the year out – Today I received a reply, from the man HIMSELF! Brian Tatler, of Diamond Head fame. He was the co-founder and has been guitarist since Diamond Head’s inception in 1976, regardless of what you think of them today the influence they had on the whole NWOBHM movement is undenyable and of course the huge impact and influence they had on the American Thrash movement (Metallica and Megadeth are two big names that took massive amounts of influence from DH). They also happen to be a favourite of mine.

So when they come around to Bournemouth next month I will have the opportunity to conduct my first big interview of the year, Hopefully I will be able to try and get Europe (who they are touring with) for a short interview as well – trying to find a contact is close to impossible though – which is a massive shame!

Hammerfest is looking like a def yes for me. The opportunity to see Suicidal Tendencies and Iced Earth is far to great. Some nice small thrash bands playing and of course- conquest of steel, a band i cant help but love! Will be a great few days, if i can get an interview with Suicidal (I was promised one back in July but it fell through at the last moment) I think i will cry with happiness! Iced Earth is close to impossible… they were on SPV, which has since gone…well…defunct? Not going to be easy getting hold of them…oh wait, haven’t even attempted to get a press ticket for Hammerfest – one step at a time i guess!

I bought some fucking lush headphone today (expect a review soon) And well…let me put it this way. When i say expect stuff soon, you can actually expect it. I am going to work harder this year, so this week please expect to see a Gama Bomb and Evile interview, some reviews and some feature/opinion posts cause holy shit do i have alot of shit to talk about!




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