Second Interview of the year confirmed!

Right off of the back of my interview with Brian Tatler (Diamond Head) getting confirmed is this rather wonderful news. I shall be interviewing a band I am very fond of, I saw them support Megadeth at the ‘Astoria’ (R.I.P) a few years back… they had a brilliant first album, they had a song on Guitar Hero… and a rather controversial second heavily delayed album – PRIESTESS! Couldn’t be happier! So I will be interviewing the guys at their first UK headline tour in London at the end of Feb. I think I will get some interesting answers out of the guys so stay tuned here – If you want anything asked, as always – leave me a message on here or Facebook or the various forums im on.

So I am thinking I use this as a chance to talk business with you all. Ok so I am looking at moving forward. Basically I have had a good start to the year in regards to interviews, still waiting for a few to get back to me, although of course- some never do. I am aiming high this year- which sadly translates into “I am going to have to spent lots of money”. Festivals I hope to attend are;

Hammerfest (Suicidal Tendencies and Iced Earth are too good to miss)

High Voltage Festival (ZZ top, Black Label Society and Clutch? Count me in!)

Hellfest, Sonisphere UK and potentially Sonisphere poland. I am very disappointed we wont be getting a Big four fesitval show. You can thank dickface Andy Copping for that. Sonisphere have Anthrax and Slayer as exclusives. Metallica are more likely to play Sonisphere then they are download as apparently they have a cash stake in Sonisphere…however, Andy “dickface” copping as i may start reffering to him now, fronted a shit load of money to keep Megadeth as an exclusive. Well fuck you. I cant blame Mustaine for wanting the money, so would I, but just know you have left thousands of people heartbroken. All we metal fans in the UK want is this big four show- we are not going to get it unless Metallica book wembley Stadium for two nights or something.

Fanzine begins moving forward first of February. I am returning as an active editor to on the first of February. The year kicks into fucking 4th gear on the first of February. By Summer I will have my own magazine, I will have badass interviews and I will have work experiance – all the doubters can suck my cock, it is going to happen. Fanzine details will start being relased soon. I am reassessing potential bands and features. Format and ideas are also being looked at.

Again going on future things, I am looking to do the podcast again, i figured an easy way to record voice that should be of a high quality so maybe look for that first episode with my Priestess interview. Also look for 2 co-hosts. I am thinking of doing an hour long show. Split into segmants. Music – will operate as a talk show/radio show. Playing unsigned and general metal aswell as having interviews. I will bring a co-host along for the ride. AND THEN a comics/video games/movies segmant. This will be more talk show/discussional. I will split it into two casts for download but ultimatly package them together as one.

Anyway thats enough talk for today. I have university assignments due in 8 hours. Need to write 3 feature pitches and research a 600 word article for a mens magazine (I am going to do the Ipad thing… i will rant to you all later about that thing ..heap of shit) but for the pitches…well they have to be from stories hinted at in last weeks paper..which i think i threw away yesturday… Oh well back to the last 2 hours of Mass Effect for me!


Josh / Origami Kid

P.S – I will have a big Video games and comics discussion post later this afternoon …its 1am…im tired… This will talk about the ending to Borderlands, Mass Effect playthough, why ass creed II is still pissing me off and maybe even the failings of the Ipad… OH and i wanna talk comics – Spiderman last 4 issues as well as Brother/Doctor Voodoo series from Remender!


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