Hows about an update before we get into the good stuff

I have quite alot to share with you readers. I have to go up within the next 24 (or so) hours a post taking a look at Battlefield Bad Company 2, Heavy Rain, Aliens Vs Predator as well as some video game related projects that I now have in the works. Bioshock 2 gets released in the UK tomorrow as well, so I may even delay that post until Wednesday afternoon and give you a little impression of that as well!

The other post that might go up tonight is one about comics, I have a little look at Siege and the ‘Heroic Age’ that Marvel is ushering in -as well as the slow reveals we are getting regarding the new Avengers rosters (yes rosters plural) – Everything may not be as it seems with Marvel, they say one thing and we by the looks of it are getting another… more on the later – anyway, would you kindly read the rest of this post for some updates, impressions and general views on a variety of things… (The good stuff is after the big headlined capitalized sentence for those of you too lazy to read)

Or don’t click “read more” and have a nice evening, although would you kindly keep an eye out for these other posts as I think you will find them interesting! Ok so you decided to keep reading – I am quite sure at this point that I am from Rapture then… I will test this theory over the next few weeks, if i continue to get more readers by asking would you kindly then I know two things: the first is that everysingleone of you is a genetically bred human and the second thing I will know is that you are all based on my DNA – a scary thought but one I am coming to terms with. TBH if I discover that I am a descendant of Andrew Ryan then I will be quite happy – This is a FAR better test of my theory that I am Raptures descendant, the other test would be if I jumped in front of a bus and didn’t die but instead re-spawned in a vita-life chamber underwater somewhere decked out in 1950’s apparel …. sadly I dont see that working at all … still thats enough of the Bioshock references until Wed/Thurs. I am getting moist at the thought of returning to the world that one of my favourite games of this generation was set. Rapture was superb, Bioshock was superb the squeal… hmm we will see – I am still unconvinced that it needed a sequel, especially one not made by the same team – but then i guess Take 2 needed more money!

Anyway what have I done this week? Well I interviewed someone. YES! First interview of the year was completed. It was with Tony (singer) from Municipal Waste! Was a great interview, really funny guy and was a great start to the year. Upon arriving to the venue and eventually getting in early (thanks Talita!), Tony suggested we did the interview in the girls bathroom backstage because “there are never any girls at thrash shows dude, we will not get inturupted in here” … hahahahahaha just brilliant. Subsequently, girls bathrooms are a HELL of alot nicer at a venue then the guys toilets – lucky!

In news regarding the zine, I am having a Fistful Of Metal editorial meeting tomorrow with another brother in metal to discus potential bands, features and other cool stuff. I have a release date in mind, more on that later. Things are shaping up well, this is going to be a great mix of thrash and heavy metal and I really look forward to releasing this to the public, do i care particularly about the huge loss in money this will be for me? Not really, but I do look very much forward to finally giving something back to the metal community and we have been without a good zine for ages so here is hoping I can provide!


Ok I will leave it at that for now – Thanks for reading and keeping updated! The readership numbers keep jumping so if you can all continue to post this around your friends as I have big stuff planned. check the video game post in a few days about…me extending….the way in which I can… how should I say… interact with reviews and provide content…in new and interesting ways? yes i think that is cryptic enough

And even better then that BIGGER news regarding comics. Lets just say it is going to be digitally tantalizing, oh yes! Not a typo, DIGITALLY tantalizing! Just keep your eyes on the blog and if you have twitter follow me for an even better indication of whats going on, lets just say that if you are a fan of comics then I think you will find this interesting!

Thanks again people!

OH and would it hurt to leave some me some comments? You all get involved on various forums, facebook and twitter but you are all too lazy to post here – stop being LAME 😀


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