Introducing an achievements system into my life

For me motivation has always been a problem. Take tonight for example.

I have interviews to transcribe, music and video game reviews to write. Articles and opinion columns to write as well as doing lots of research and stuff for various projects – what have I done instead?

Well I sat in bed for 4 hours after work aimlessly browsing the internet, reading ‘Wanted’ (a bloody awesome comic) and watching Firefly. Well bollocks to this (well not firefly and comics as they are both amazing), but bollocks to the lack of motivation – this ends today.

I have a plan –

Is it a plan? Not really – For the rest of February I am going to aim to, at the very VERY least, post one blog post a day. This is ridicules now, so now it has to stop. It can be just a regular old update or something more substantial but once a day I shall write some words onto this very space.

I am considering monitoring this with an achievement point system. While they dont bother me anymore, the Xbox 360 achievements used to be the bane of my life – we are talking like back in the launch window and the year after so…well 3 or 4 years? – but still I hated my games looking in-complete on my profile, well I hate my blog looking incomplete. An empty shell of mismatched promises and bullshit, well if i can keep a regular blog, then I can keep a regular flow of work.

I am thinking work out the problems through the rest of February and then go for it proper starting March. Like a Game which can only carry 1000 Gamerpoints, each month itself can only get 1000 gamerpoints, 30 GS available every day I post with anything left to be made up through streaks or self reward.

Everytime I post up a proper review that’s 250 Gamerscore – aim for one a week. Everytime an interview or something substantial goes up – thats 250 Gamerscore. 4 in one month makes up a 1000 points. Every week I post up a comic book weekly shipping preview thats 250 GS, 1000 points to try and hit a month.

Of course every good game has secret achievements, so does mine. I am thinking there will be a few, reserved for very special occasions, launches, releases – things like that.

Well I wonder how long it will take for me to equal my actual Xbox 360 Gamerscore (seen to the top right of this post)? That is the real question. Ultimately what difference does this make? None- but maybe with some incentive to post everyday something substantial it will help drag me out of this sorry state of mind and even sorrier state of motivation.

Time to get practical – so best kick start things off


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