Hey guess what?

Well I bloody fail don’t I!

So I am all set to release blogs every day and guess what happens? ULTIMATE – DISTRACTION from 2 of my housemates-to-be. I had a half written blog post and instead of finishing it off what did I do? I spent the night being insulted, insulting others, talking in depth about someones mother. How about lots of Pokemon jokes? Yep they were there…what was that? Referring to everything so it turns into some form of either World of Warcraft joke or WoW reference, yep – its official, our house next year is going to be the geekiest house of all time.

Not only that but we (for some reason ) decided to watch Dragonball Evolution … oh dear god… It really is as bad as you think, I will have more on that tomorrow – i have the impressions of that and the other worst movie of all time, Punisher: Warzone, already written up so just need to go over it and it will be up here for your viewing pleasure.

What I DID want to talk to you tonight about however is the fanzine… it is coming. no really…stop laughing… its actually coming, yes, no i know i have said that before…no just st…STOP now keep reading.

Ok.. oh wow you actually kept reading?

Ok so I realise that I have said many times that the fanzine is coming out, and i know I disappointed a few people not getting it out last year – but I delayed it to increase the coolness of the stuff I could get and the bands that wanted to get involved.

As it stands I have a rough idea of what this is going to look like. I have layouts in the works, page count is getting set in stone (its going to be beastly) and the features are almost confirmed.

Band wise – I have a cool mix of UK, American and European Thrash and Heavy Metal bands. Again I want to extend that if I think that a band is cool then they will feature, if they sound different or interesting then they will be features/mentioned. If however they sound like shit/commercial/fake/etc then they wont. Simple as that – this is a community/fan ran project, I don’t remember a time when music magazines were pure as I am only 20 – although I imagine that Hammer and Kerrang, NME etc … all had full control back in those days, I don’t know that for a fact. Well that is what this is – So when the initial bands get announced I have a feeling that you will all like them, if you dont…well tough luck šŸ˜€

Look out for some polls over the next week in various places, I want to get a rough idea of what you all want from a magazine, as said this is ONLY a fanzine, but that doesnt mean it cant be fucking cool, right? I have a rough release date set in stone but I am willing to take a small delay if it needs it although I dont want to get too sidetracked, so just keep your eyes on this space!

Hopefully the first announcement including artwork, initial bands and features will be up early next week! So keep your eyes posted here and over at http://www.ukthrash.co.uk

Many thanks.

If you have any ideas, desires to write or anything else – leave a comment, talk to me on Facebook/twitter/ukthrash/etc! I dont bite, so make with the questions!

-Thrash your fucking brains out,
Josh/origami kid

2 Responses to “Hey guess what?”
  1. origamikid says:

    Just got ANOTHER really awesome interview lined up!

    So far everything I have gone after has come up and accepted so that rules!

  2. timbosarus says:

    Sounds awesome, also these future house mates they sound awfully handsome šŸ˜€

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