How Rare have (once again) given Nintendo the finger – I wonder if her ass looks hotter in updated N64 graphics?

Now hopefully you all may have heard that Rare is bringing the original (and N64 classic) Perfect Dark to the Xbox 360. You may have also heard that it has a release date just around the corner, March 17th to be exact – This comes along with the surprise news that the game will not cost the expected 1,200 points, instead coming in at a delightful 800 (thanks Microsoft!)

Again we all know the features for this update, updated HD-visuals – Take a look at Bionic Commando on the XBLA for an example of how incredible this can make a game look, 2 player co-op and 4 players of Xbox live… good times to be had all around.

This looks brilliant. Perfect Dark was a big favourite of mine and then the sequel was the first game I played on the Xbox 360. While this XBLA conversion isn’t made by RARE, it is however being done by 4J studios, responsible for moving Rare’s Banjo series over to the Arcade last year. Anyway – how have Rare flipped Nintendo the bird?

Well I am going on the assumption that 4J would have needed Rare’s permission to do this, but still I imagine this will piss quite a few executives at Nintendo and Activision (or EA…whoever owns the James Bond License these days). Do you all remember a better time in our lives when classic N64 game Goldeneye almost made it to the Xbox Live Arcade? No? Really… ok well IT DID!

There was a time when we were but a few months away from playing the classic, potentially with updated graphics and Xbox Live play – in a word? It would have been ULTIMATE!

Sadly everybody ruined our fun and we didn’t get it. Rare however have done something rather remarkable, they have elected not only to move; Felicity, Temple and Complex, three Goldeneye maps that shipped with Perfect Dark back in the day, with this repackaging but they have gone an extra mile and done something I never expected they would do.

Everyone says Perfect Dark is the spiritual successor to Goldeneye, and if i am honest I always preferred a bit of PD (although that big on Goldeneye when you are on the train and you had to cut your way out of the carriage with the wrist watch was always fucking intense!) well this is the closest we are ever going to get to Goldeneye on the Xbox 360-

Shipping with Perfect Dark will not only be weapons from Goldeneye – but some more of the multiplayer maps as well! Now if memory serves me correctly – there were 11 arenas in Goldeneye, take three away from that and it leaves 8 – we are essentially getting all the maps aren’t we? This is great news!

So Rare -you may have made shit games for the last few years (except you Viva Pinata, I do love you!) but thank you for bringing us Perfect Dark and thank you for kinda giving us Goldeneye!

Lets just hope 4J studios find a way of getting the original facial mapping back in the game, that way I can just stick Sean Connery in the game and pretend James Bond has been whisked away to some form of sci-fi adventure with a hot red-headed sidekick…NO wait… I could put MY face in the game and I could be Sean Connery’s hot sidekick…errmm…I meant… I meant you know, I could be Joanna Darks side kick… changing the subject-

I wonder if her ass looks hotter in updated N64 graphics, compared with the Xbox 360 launch title? I am going to go with N64 as the dark horse for this one, I mean she looked a little shiny and artificial on the 360 title, a bit more o’natural in the N64 classic… not long to wait now, but sound off with your view on the debate!

-Till next time folks
Josh/origami kid

EDIT: Oh here is the leaked Xbox live arcade footage of Goldeneye running on the 360. Graphics are better. Gameplay is smoother, i think i remember reading from the dev ages ago that the AI was switched off or on low so they could demonstrate the game to people easily. I am also being told that this was JUST Nintendos fault. The game was given the OK by Activision and Nintendo were going to get it on Wii Ware (without the HD graphics one would assume, maybe they didnt want Microsoft getting a superior version of their product?) and they were going to get a larger sum of the profits (and it would have profited like a mother-fucker) but still… FUCK YOU NINTENDO! and here is the footage:


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