You know that thing I said that I was going to do last time…

…Well this week I will actually do it!

Right now you are thinking “Oh looky what we have here, it’s that cheeky chappy that talks utter NONSENSE on the interwebs.”

Ok well maybe you aren’t doing the voice, or thinking that…but basically this week will see at least one post a day, that I promise you.

Click read more for some juicy info 😉

As the video game post went down quite well (check out the post about Perfect Dark/Goldeneye in the post underneath), so I am going to post another one this week! How does a post about Sonic The Hedgehog 4 sound? Well I hope you said “fucking A!” because if you said anything else then don’t come crying to me when Tails appears at the end of your bed one night and takes advantage of you ok … cause he needs something else to do with his time!

On top of that this week I am starting comic book previews and I also have a little look at the situation unfolding in British and European cinemas. I am sure I will have some general updates, rants and raves throughout the week.

I am ever so close to having enough Fanzine content ready so that I feel confident giving an announcement. I think people might be underwhelmed due to the amount of time that I have said this is coming, but with the release window actually set in some kinda stone and with me actually pulling shit together it could actually happen. Would appreciate feedback when I give first details!

Anyway until tomorrow – have a good one, hopefully I will soon have good news regarding more big interviews and the such. This week I should be interviewing Priestess and Diamond Head although I have a feeling they might fall through… lets hope they don’t!

-Have a good one people!
Josh/Origami Kid


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