When an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object

You know that old question, “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object?” Well I guess the answer would be “nothing”. Nothing happens, the two would meet and then they would hit a standstill, neither being able to move – well I think it is easy for me to relate this into a real world scenario.

The unstoppable force? Well that my dear readers is Disney. The unmovable object? That is the cinema/film industry – and why are they clashing you might be wondering? Well it is all over this Alice In Wonderland, Tim Burton ‘adaption’ that is being released later this year…

Well should be being released this year, but at this rate you are going to be waiting until July at the earliest to see the movie as Cinemas look set to boycott the March 5th release date, for good reason as well.

Cinemas are unhappy with the meddling from Disney… that or they are worried that the film looks like a heap of shit – read on, get the lo-down on Disney trying to fuck the film industry over and how from looking at the trailers, Alice In Wonderland looks set to be the biggest disappointment of 2010.

So I will admit that I am no expert on the cinema/film industry but from what I can gather Disney have been looking to seriously skrew over English and European cinema outlets in regards to the release schedule of Alice In Wonderland.

In the world of film you see, Cinemas are guaranteed 17 weeks of control over a movie from its release date until it can hit shelves on DVD…and Blu-Ray. This allows the Cinemas like Odeon, Vue and Cineworld, who make up 95% of the 3D screens in the UK, enough time to support the movie and more importantly, draw in potential viewers. These 4 months between its cinema release date and the DVD release date are crucial. 4 months is a long time, if people are even slightly tempted to see what could be the biggest 3D release of 2010 the way they are supposed to be viewed, on the big screen, then the temptation will be far to great. Lets be honest – if you want to see something even a little you would rather see it ASAP instead of in 4 or 5 months time, that’s how I ended up at Avatar!

It is this stability that the cinema industry survives on. It is this stability that Disney wants to bend over and rape in the ass.

Disney have said they are cutting the time between its cinema debut and its DVD release to 12 weeks. This unsurprisingly does not sit well with the folks at Odeon and Vue so they have decided to Boycott the movie. Yes thats right if you want to see this movie in 2D then move your ass to Cineworld fast, because they backed out of the “not showing Alice in Wonderland” agreement because they want to revenue, I know I would, but they have a very small selection of 3D screens around the country so chances of seeing Tim Burton in Matt Hatter land is very low.

So why do Disney want to take this away from the cinemas? More importantly what would this do to cinemas? This would make any one on the fence just wait out the shortened 3 month wait. This would mean that the film would only be shown for a month, month and a half tops before Disney then would start pushing the DVD release throughout the media making the cinema a redundant place to see the movie. Disney want to squeeze this out before the World Cup as they think this will limit the chance of people going out and buying the movie and they think it will lower the opportunity for advertising on TV – Well tough shit Disney, you should have thought about this before giving it a March Release date. Bring it forward as a January movie or delay it until May – you cant just change the way Cinemas have been running for years!

How do they justify this change? The studio says that of all the money they take at the box office it is likely to take 97% of it during the first 8 weeks, after that point it drops off the radar and that gives pirates an opportunity to have control over who watches the movie for 2 months…no sorry i dont buy that. If you don’t want Pirates getting your movie then stop the leaks inside your company and publishing/distributing companies dont punish the industry AND the movie goers who now have to put up with your “12 week take it or leave it” plan that you have presented to the movie industry… well i say Good Riddance! The movie looks piss poor anyway.

Don’t support Disney and their bullshit controlling ways. If they are going to be wankers about it then dont attempt to go and see it and don’t buy it on DVD – Go torrent the fuck out of it.

-Expect a post later on my views of Alice In Wonderland – well the trailers anyway, looks meh and for reasons why that I shall reveal later to you dear reader.

Anyway sorry about that rant, but I just think Disney are out of order going around trying to change the way things run just because they cant handle a bit of world cup fever.


One Response to “When an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object”
  1. origamikid says:

    I told you all and now BBC have confirmed it: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/8528820.stm

    Movie will not be shown in Odeon Cinemas.

    The reason? The beat pirates… fuck off disney. If someone doesnt want to pay for something they are more likely to torrent it when the movie is out. When the movie is out people know they can Torrent a HD or dvd quality version of the movie.

    If the movie aint out then people will be discouraged because they would probs download a poor video cam recording and then would therefore be tempted to just go to the cinema after hearing about all the hype.

    ALSO: you can’t torrent a 3D movie, so cut the shit Disney – dont try and pull this shit with Prince OF Persia, I want to see that in Odeon in May

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