8 hours into Heavy Rain – Further Impressions for your reading pleasure

Ok so I am now hitting around 8 hours into the game.

Again I will avoid spoilers and anything that isn’t in the general public knowledge. If someone ruined the story for me I would hunt them down… so I know how you feel.

However if you are interested in how a game that isn’t really a game transforms then by all means please click that little “Read More” button and you will find yourself in a world of my impressions. To be honest I am quite surprised the ways this game is moving forward… with such a strong opening few hours I am really happy the game hasn’t lost steam yet, but anyway… take a look into the rest of the post:

(First off all I recommend reading this first: https://origamikid.wordpress.com/2010/02/26/four-hours-into-heavy-rain-impressions-so-far/
That is my impression of the game 4 hours in and gives a good set up to these impressions – I try not to cover similar ground except where necessary 🙂 – !! )

So 8 hours in. Over these four hours some interesting things have happened. I am now currently nearing the end. The narrative on the whole has been superb, there have been a few things that I would question the validity of in a real life setting, which is a shame considering how real this game strives to be, but as said – on the whole the game is the realest thing you will get to being in a crime drama …besides you know, actually having your family kidnapped or whatever.

The way the game leads you onto the killers paths is really nice and the characters at the 8 hour point are now all starting to come together and it is really exciting. Some of the bits around the 6/7 hour point have had me gripping the edge of my seat and with my hands so tight around the controller I actually think I may have broken it a little… foolish sixaxis, I guess I needed an excuse to upgrade to a Dualshock 3.

There have been little bits of the game that feel out of place at this point however. Some of the general mundane activities feel a bit forced or old… almost like they were meant to showcase what exactly the PS3 could do, at times it feels a little like one of those tech demos on the demo reels you see at E3 when they are announcing new consoles – luckily the game is drenched in so much atmosphere that you don’t tend to mind that much, but I do get the impression that this was meant to come out a long time ago to showcase various bits of the Ps3 and next gen technology.

The game turned a bit “saw” for a while, I won’t say much more on that as I don’t want to ruin anything. But some of these bits are genuinely difficult and most importantly made me cringe enough to look away from the screen. This is great! I am really looking forward to the conclusion of this game, the game has been drip-feeding information about the various characters throughout and I have been really enjoying piecing together the characters and their back stories.

Oh – If you come from Facebook then you may have already seen my status but at one point Heavy Rain quite literally presented one of the biggest moral dilemmas i have ever faced in my life. I do mean that, never in a game have I become so attached to characters so quickly, but some of the choices I had to make made me have to really</I stop and think. Not because I wanted to get an achievement…or trophy (whatever) and not because I wanted a specific ending, but because my actions have a physical consequence on the characters and people living in this world. Some of the stuff is heart-wrenching stuff and everything just feels so…so…real.

Again, I fully expect the end chapters to be explosive. Everything is coming together now and sadly I think the end is in sight but this is one of those things that I am so happy I could experience in full, I REALLY look forward to people I know completing this so i can talk properly about it without spoiling anything, as I have been working my ass off to make sure everyone gets through this alive, I look forward to hearing about how you all fared and the unique ways you approached every situation.

Then again the game has a few hours to throw in more incredible fights sections, twists and turns and chances for me to die… i look forward to it!

-Josh/Origami kid

Thanks for following me through!

2 Responses to “8 hours into Heavy Rain – Further Impressions for your reading pleasure”
  1. hoodedeskimo says:

    Hey wassup man, great read, so are u telling me that this game only has 8 hours game play?, not worth because ofcourse you can go though again, but would you what the reward of going though again besides a new ending, and achievements, i mean will you be treated to new dialoges prehaps or different option to choose from or will it just be the same story same opstions ?

  2. origamikid says:

    Hey dude,

    No no- game sits at around 12 hours in length, I just need to write the last impressions post!

    There are a few different endings, and your characters can die throughout the game – which would obviously change the way certain bits play out. The first 4 hours don’t change the outcome of the story that much, but as you hit hours 5 onwards the decisions really shape what will happen to you and your characters journey.

    It is well worth a second, third run through – just because certain things happened in my playthrough which I tried to avoid and happened anyway…quite depressing actually – still awesome tho!

    Check my impressions of the final few hours later on today!

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