Four hours into Heavy Rain – Impressions so far

So I know money is kinda tight for everyone at the minute so I thought for those of you who read this and want Heavy Rain, or are intrigued by the concept I would post some of my impressions – I have currently played the game for about 4 hours, this post will of course contain no spoilers!

Heavy Rain is one of the most interesting, intriguing and … downright coolest games I have ever played.

I don’t think a game has ever moved me between the emotions of, genuine joy, sorrow and excitement.

As it stands I have been introduced to every playable character, in fact some of them are starting to now come together, but the story is just starting to open up and it is incredibly tense and by far one of the best written video games certainly of this generation, possibly of all time. Stand aside Mass Effect, this puts your dialogue system to shame.

I didn’t quite realise the dialogue and QTE would be always so urgent. The quick time events rush you, this isn’t slow like God Of War or Fahrenheit, you almost hit the buttons on instinct. The game draws you into the deep end of the atmosphere swallowing you, there was one bit involving a very lengthy QTE against the clock – I was gripping the controller with feverish frenzy and my eyes were darting around the screen trying to find the best routes around before the button press came up to doom me – pure adrenaline filled gameplay, yet it manages to keep you at an arms length, which only serves to heighten the emotional attachment and fear you share with the characters.

Speaking of the dialogue, sure we got a chance to try it in the demo, but as your character gets more stressed everything moves faster. The options shake and flash and the screen becomes grainy, as more and more options begin to flash onto the screen you really get a sense of how difficult being in some of these situations must be – the experience is overwhelming, I have never played anything like this.

Speaking of being overwhelmed, this is an interactive thriller, not an interactive drama. As some readers may know, I hate horror movies – can’t watch them, and this game has it’s moments where it is so tense that I have been tempted to: Turn the game off, Pause the game, turn the audio off. I really had to struggle with not turning the audio off, if this was a horror game I would have turned it off already, it is only because I know I have a little more control over the character that I managed to play through the section, yet it is that same level of freedom the game has over my character that kept me on edge – You have literally no idea what will happen, how people will interact with things around them and what the game will throw your way.

People moaning that “oohhh I don’t have complete control” or “oohhh It’s not a game blah blah” – Well bollocks to you! This is an incredible experience, these 4 hours have been just…. intriguing. The gloomy depression that the game brings across is impressing in itself but as the story begins to unfold in front of my eyes, the killers twists and everything to do with that begins to get revealed this looks far more then your generic crime story, looks like it is going to take some interesting twists and turns…so keep your eyes firmly placed on here – I will post my impressions 8 hours of so in!

You need this,
-Josh / Origamikid

UPDATE: Here are the 8 hours in impressions:


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