God Of War 3 Demo Impressions

After spending a good few hours downloading…and then installing , I have finally gotten my hands on the demo for God Of War 3. This is in fact the demo PS3 users in the States have had for a while, and I am also told that this was the demo doing the rounds at summer conventions last year, so we are looking at a playable section of 15/20 minutes of gameplay, potentially atleast 9 months old, maybe even 10 – which in video game development, is a very long time – So for all you already moaning (and I will cover some of this as well I imagine) I think we have to take into consideration that certain aspects of the game will have improved over these 10 months, things such as performance upgrades and gameplay tweaks will all have happened before the games release late into March (we would hope anyway!)

So without further ado, click on that little “read more” tab, for my impressions of the God Of War 3 Demo… would you like a hint? I think it has gone from a “I will get it when it is preowned during the dull Summer months” to a “Dear fucking lord I think I may need this now!”

I quite honestly don’t know why people are moaning about this. What did you expect? I saw someone moaning that it played like God Of War earlier… what the fuck do you want it to play like? Certainly not Dante’s Inferno? You don’t need to be Brainiac to know that God Of War is going to play like God Of War – sure it has some improvements over GOW2, just like that had some over the original GOW. Think of it this way – The big daddy of hack and slash, epic action-adventure games went on holiday for a while, only to find out his bitch of a wife has been sleeping and whoring her out to any and every game concept that comes her way. This is the big daddy returning on the scene, bitch slapping all the posers and giving his wife a good spanking… This is why we bought PS3’s.

The gameplay is smooth, the action is fun, gripping and most importantly – easy to get to the hang of. Combos can be pulled off easily, as can special attacks. Novices can pick up a controller and have some fun with it, but veterans of the series can quickly find themselves pulling off huge attacks and combos.

I always thought that the best thing about the God Of War series was it’s scale and story – luckily both look to have taken next gen games …well to the next generation!

I have always been a massive fan of Greek Mythology. I don’t know whether it was from the first time I watched that Disney version of Hercules (which is still amazing) or maybe just some books I would have read as a kid – but the stuff is just fascinating! In what other game do i get to beat on a centaur and then rip open its chest and tear out its guts… no I am not shitting you.

This is all happening while an army of skeletons is vowing for my blood and while a chariot is flying around the sky attacking a giant Titan that is currently laying waste to everything around you… OH! And did I mention that this chariot was on fire?! No? oh ok… THE FUCKING CHARIOT IS ON FIRE!

The demo alone proves why God Of War will always be the superior type of game for the hack and slash action adventure, it is because Greek Mythology makes for the most incredible story, characters and enemy/character design ever. Not even Sci-fi can come up with this kind of shit,

Don’t believe me? At one point you fight a Giant Ram, that also happens to have a Lions head attached to its body and a snake for a tail – just fucking nuts! Again the gameplay hasn’t changed much since GOW2, but then does it need to? No in my opinion, not really- as long as I get to jump onto a massive troll beat the hell out of it and then slowly rip out it’s eye with my bare hands, then i am satisfied… If only the game would let me quite literally rip someones head off from their own shoulders…oh wait…

Sure it has it’s problems. The framerate drops to almost a stop/standstill when things get hectic, something I imagine will have been sorted out in the last 10 months since this release and it was a wee bit glitchy in places, but again with the amount of people that gave this level a test they would have been sorted.

I quite honestly cant describe a game like this and give it justice. On paper it should suck. Hack and slash action adventure has been overdone to the point of exhaustion over the past few years, but God Of War once again proves that it can be done right- Kratos has literally just given Dante’s Inferno a massive ass whooping, and Sony have just convinced me that they can still release great exclusives.

With this and Heavy Rain out atm, now is a pretty good time to own a PS3 i must say! If you have a spare bit of time download the demo, I really doubt you will be disappointed!
Leave your impressions of the game below if you like, or in the usual places,

-Thanks for reading, some comments for once would be nice 🙂 Don’t be scared!

Josh West/Orgami kid


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