Final few hours of Heavy Rain – The game might be completed but my heart has been broken

Holy. Fuck.

Two words that accurately describe my experience with Heavy Rain. The last 4 hours were as good as the opener I thought. Sure it felt a little rushed at times but the whole thing came together expertly and as it got to 3:30 am and I was still sat up playing Heavy Rain I realised that this is one of the most entertaining experiences I had with Next Generation gaming. I don’t know what it is about it, but something just resonated to me and being a big fan of those adventure books as a kid, crime comics, books and tv drams while growing up I think this game was the perfect thing I had been looking for.

So click that read more tab for my final impressions before the review (although I am sure you all know how that is going to sound) – please be warned that there are NO direct spoilers but I am going to talk indirectly about my experiences through the final bits and some of the emotion it invoked. As said I will try and stay clear of any real spoilers but if you don’t even want an indication of how this could turn out (bare in ind their are a few endings) then please don’t read on, however if you are interested then by all means pop in, give it a read and leave your experiences in the comments section if you like!

When I posted the last update I was quite certain I had worked out who the killer was. I thought it was a bit odd the ways the game operated within the first few chapters, especially the way the suspects first got announced, but let me just take this chance to say that the twist was incredible. The killer was totally unexpected and some of the gameplay methods used through out the last few chapters was brilliant.

I don’t want to say too much as I am really trying to steer clear of spoilers but the last 2 hours were exciting and enthralling. As we approached the end, I was filled with pure joy. I was washed over with happiness …until the game threw one more curveball at me, I sat by helpless to change the outcome even though I was quite sure I had done everything in my power to make sure I had gotten what I thought would have been the “best ending” but, as I sat by helpless to change the events unfolding…hesitant to continue playing because of what I knew was going to happen, I felt a tinge of sadness tug at my heart.

Simply wonderful, thank you Heavy Rain for showing us two things: Point and click adventure games can exist in todays landscape AND that games for adults can exist. This was one of the best stories in game for a long while, sure there are some things I would have liked more of, hopefully DLC can provide these, but on the whole it was a game that took a good hard look at humanities true colours and the fucked up psychology of a killer. For me, and i know others wont feel the same way, this game had little that I could fault. Even when the action started to let up the game throws an incredibly cool shooter style scene that again has you hitting the QTE buttons with an almost feverish uncertainty. It is left up to intuition and reflexes, kind of what being in the situation in real life would be like.

Maybe in a week or two after I play it again and a few of you have played it, I will post up a post highlighting my fav bits. Let people have time to complete it first tho!

A wonderful experience, a great story and one of the only games this generation to truly tug at the old heart strings and make me feel genuine emotion for characters. The only other would be Metal Gear Solid 4 for the Ps3 as well. That game had me in tears over various bits ! hahahaha

Well until next time, thanks for reading my posts. Please be sure to check out the rest of my stuff and if you have read down this far please be aware that over the next few days I am going to have the following:

1) first fanzine info
2) first video video game preview/review (undecided)
3) some reviews

Keep posted,
Thanks for the support
Josh/origami kid


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