Do some of you sit at home thinking “oh shit man, that Josh Dredd West is so sexy, I wish I could hear his voice inside of me right about now!” Well, guess what you creepy perverts, your dream might come true!

I say might because while it is true I am borrowing a microphone from my good friend Dan, which is not only allowing me to record voice for my university project but it also has reopened the chance for me to attempt podcasting…

Now little do you all know I recorded a podcast last year, it took my bloody ages, but i ended up trashing it cause I thought it sounded like shit, but this time I might just do it, send it out whatever condition it is in and then let the feedback guide me to a better podcast!

I have a bit to talk about but it is whether I can do it all in one cast. I will aim to keep it down to half hour, I will probs talk about the fanzine, what better way to announce the fanzine then in a podcast where you can hear the music from the bands featured? YES! Also – maybe a separate one about video games, comics and just a general rant and rave? Who knows – with me it completely depends on y motivation, as some longer term readers from this (and my ill fated blogspot blog) will know, what I achieve will completely depend on my god awful motivation – hopefully having a decent microphone will spur me on! No excuses this time really…

Also – I might be on the radio next monday, co-hosting the show Mr Lewis Linney and Jack Wallace do over at pompy uni, 2 hours of rock n’ roll – I will pass the details on to you all next update, it brightens up my monday mornings that’s for sure, and I might be filling in for Jack if he can’t make it… although apparently they censor for anything over there, so no swearing for 2 hours? It is like putting a known pedophile in a nursery and asking him to be on best behaviour – the consequences can only be dire!

Anyway – should hopefully be big things this week, so keep eyes on the prize…
Well i dont have a prize but keep your eyes right here… on this blog… look… just read this blog everytime I spam facebook/twitter/forums and you will be fine 😉 I promise 😀

-Josh/origami kid

One Response to “Podcast?”
  1. Eskimo says:

    Nice one mate, cheers for plugin me lol looking foward to listning to your pod cast so i can review it with my greatness lol, who knows i might do a blog about it, gd luck with it mate im sure it will turn out well.

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