Fistful of Metal Magazine Announcement

The road to Fistful Of Metal ‘zine release- Week One: The initial announcement!

So finally it has come to the day where I can not delay any further, I am making the initial announcement for my fanzine. This has been a long time coming, I honestly feel a bit nervous of laying everything out in front of everybody, but I guess I had to do it at somepoint.

So here we go along time in the planning stages, but I have given myself a kick up the ass, the first issue of ‘Fistful Of Metal’ will be coming out within a ‘mid April – mid May’ time frame, but saying that I am not going to rush it out!

Fistful of Metal is a fanzine created by myself, Josh West A.K.A Origami Kid, it’s purpose? To bring interviews and reviews from some of the best bands in the underground/metal scenes in England, Europe and the USA – bringing music that will feel like getting a fistful of metal to your gut after blasting it out of your speakers!

The focus is going to be on Heavy Metal and Thrash initially, but essentially if it sounds good then it is going in. I won’t say no to a good sounding band because they are vampire themed and only sing about how much they like to wear their capes and fly around at night (although that does sound like an awesome idea)… as long as it rocks then it has a place in Fistful Of Metal.

So I am going to address some questions you might be having after the break as well as giving you a look at some of the bands who are going to be in the zine!:

How is this going to presented?
The Fistful of Metal fanzine is going to be an A5, Black and White zine. I did look into colour options and sadly it was more expensive then I had ever imagined! I did toy with the idea of making it A4, but we will leave that venture for issue 2 if it is demanded enough!

How big is it going to be?
Looking at a 60 page zine with a card cover, full of interviews, reviews, features and other awesome content. 60 pages I am hoping will be the page count that it sticks to! At the very least it will be 40, but for money restrictions the limit this time around will be 60 pages although I am looking to expand again, if I get the opportunity to make a second issue.

How are you printing it?
Again I wanted to have a professional print job, like a “real” magazine, but this would have been astronomical in price, so it is going to be ricographed. Which I am getting a company to do on my behalf, but essentially what it means is that it will be a bit better the photocopying it. The copy will be clearer and hopefully will look as professional as you will get with a print DIY zine. It was a trade off between making it colour but digital or print but like this- i decided that having it print based was more awesome and better overall!

The artwork
ATM – artist isn’t finalised. I am in talks with two very awesome, but different artists, so it is just a case of working it out with one of them!

Again not finalised, but i expect it to cost between £1.50- £2. Not much I say! If the quality of writing is there and you pay £5 for some mainstream magazines every month that are of a sometimes questionable quality, hopefully this will be something worth paying some of your hard earned money for!

The bands?

So band’s are not finalised yet, there is still room to get your band involved, send me an email at: or leave me a comment on here/send me a PM on whatever forum you see me on.

Here are the first 6 bands who will be interviewed in some way for ze magazine:

Bonded By Blood – USA –

Obviously we all know them for the fucking awesome ‘Feed the Beast’ album, but this year BBB are releasing a brand new album and it is set to blow apart LA and FFOM will be there to get the low down on the follow up which is sure to decimate eardrums and melt off your face! Bonded By Blood are one of the big players in the Thrash scene of today, so i was very happy to get the lads confirmed for entry!

Skeletonwitch – USA –

After the incredible ‘Breathing the Fire’ album last year where the band made an explosive mark on the UK live scene, Skeletonwitch will be taking some time out from the busy tour to give us a quick interview! Skeletonwitch sound like sinister, powerful and like they are going to turn up to your house, rip out your soul and stamp it into the ground, i REALLY recommend you Hit this video linked at end of this sentence if you have never heard them before, knock it forward to 2:00 and tell me that doesn’t make you want to slam your brains all over place! Just try!
Check out the vid out here!

Gama Bomb – Ireland –

Of course we all know Gama Bomb by now but after the FUCKING INCREDIBLE Tales From The Grave In Space they were my first choice for the fanzine. Gama Bomb are one of the greatest bands to come out of this “revival” so luckily I had the pleasure of interviewing them for you all! They are fast, fun and wonderful with their ability to create enjoyable thrash that sticks with you for weeks to come. I have had the lyrics to Return to Blood Castle and Skeletron stuck in my head for fucking ages, “SCAN THE BARCODE TO THE BACK OF YOUR MIND, INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT? hmm ACCESS DENIED!” – A.M.A.Z.I.N.G stuff! If you still haven’t got the new album go download it for free from their website!

Vektor – USA –

When Vektors ‘Black Future’ album hit in November last year it was breathtaking. A huge breath of fresh air and kick to the balls of thrash, this was the first true technical thrash/ prog thrash come together in the last 10 years and let me tell you this right now – it fucking slays. Hopefully my review will be up on soon for you to all check out but for now please go to the myspace and give them a listen, it really is compelling stuff! Vektor have the potential to be one of the best bands rising out of the USA thrash scene at the minute and it gives me great pleasure to be able to bring you an interview with the guys!

F.K.U. -Swe –

F.K.U (Freddy Kruger’s Underpants) Are fucking… stomp mosh, S.O.D style, horror metal! They bloody slay! when thinking of bands I wanted you all to hear and discover F.K.U were high on the list, the latest album ‘Where Moshers Dwell’ is brilliant! Full to bursting of great songs, head banging mosh anthems! They have such a fun, frantic quality about them, the song “the pit the poser” is a pit anthem worthy of being up there with the “toxic waltz” and “into the pit”, it really really does slay!

Holy Grail – USA –

Who are Holy Grail you might be thinking? Well have you heard of White Wizzard? “YES” well do you remember this HighSpeed GTO video (shown below)? Of course you do, it fucking rules!!
Well majority of those guys left WW (inc the singer) and they formed a NWOBHM influenced thrash band and they are great! Really enjoying them and as soon as I stumbled onto them, i just knew I had to bring them to you all- They are going to go down great. I love them and i know you will to! Check them out, you wont regret it!
So right now, you are thinking. Wow these first 6 bands are awesome, but where are all the UK bands? Rest assured, they are coming. In the next update I am going to be announcing some European and UK bands from the underground for you – the ones planned rule! We also have space for some more bands, so if you are interested then please send me a message and we will try and sort something out!

Oh And keep your eyes on the blog (subscribe on the right hand bar) for all the latest info. In the coming weeks I am going to announce my features, more bands, cool shit we have planned and even more!

Thanks for reading and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, queries, advertising questions etc etc – please mail me at

Thanks people and thanks for all your support!

-Josh West/origami kid
Editor : Fistful of metal
UK Editor:

Thrash till death!

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