This week – A look ahead to another week

This week. This week. This week.

The idea is that if i repeat it enough then maybe, JUST MAYBE – it will be a proactive and productive week. I have so much I want to do, in such a small amount of time and finding the enthusiasm is about as likely as finding a vagina on a Taiwanese hooker… it just aint gonna happen.

Response to the fanzine has been brilliant so far. Thank you for all your emails and stuff like that, keep em coming! I am going to re-assess space on Tuesday and work out how many more of you I can potentially fit in. Some other great news: one of the bands is providing something to me which will allow me to do an untried (at the very least in recent years) feature in a fanzine. It is something some will find pointless, but hopefully some will find very cool – fingers crossed it goes down (and prints) well!

Read on to learn some more you heathen bastards:

If you are free on Monday I should be assisting my good friend Mr Lewis Linney with his afternoon rock show on between 16:00-18:00 (that is 4-6). Should be a blast, dunno what we have planned, but I DO have the new Airbourne and Jimi Hendrix albums … so who knows…
It will be my first time on radio, something I have been looking forward to getting into for a very long time, sadly the solent uni have fucked me around so much it just hasn’t happened, but check it out! We will be playing good music, and bantering shit like it’s the end of the world and some alien fucks are going to sew up our mouths before probing us painfully!

If you are still reading, then you probs want more on the fanzine. Expect an announcement this week regarding some UK thrash bands as well as a European band I have re-assessed and I think have come available for interviews/as well as being current again, so good times! I wish I had more space tbh, I have the opportunity to interview some great American bands at the minute, and sadly I just don’t think putting an over abundance of USA bands in a UK fanzine is going to work… not unless some people seriously spread the word about this thing around!

I am thinking about doing the first group podcast/vidcast this week. Alice In Wonderland is finally out and I am thinking about trying to get together some of the boys and doing an impressions cast, as I get the idea we are all going to have different opinions on it which would make for interesting viewing (or the witness/evidence tape in a murder case) I am certain!

I am fucked off I didn’t post regularly last week, the fanzine reveal brought in a record amount of readers (thanks) and I have been distracted. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is completed! Completed the single player on day of release as usual. Took about 7 hours, have written about a quarter of the review. Was LOTS of fun. Enjoyed it more then Call Of Duty: Modern Borefare 2 thats for certain. Genuinally funny dialogue and a fun story/script kept me engaged and the great gameplay kept me going. The multiplayer is superb, it feels like a proper next gen version of the ps2/xbox Battlefield 2: Modern Warefare, which was amazing as the time….at well Bad Company 2 just feels like the ultimate multiplayer game for squad/friend based FPS. As said wait for the review…and the review for Mass Effect 2…and Heavy Rain… OH and final fantasy is out this week…so ….

See you in about 100 hours hahaha! No I will post 10 hour updates of Final Fantasy AROUND other posts. Comic book previews might start this week (depends how i feel after free SSS show tomoz night AND then Final Fantasy day 1 on tues) but hopefully I can hop to it 🙂

-Ok enough of me chatting shit!
Peace out
-Josh/origami kid


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