Just a little Final Fantasy 13 note regarding Lightning and her Gunblade

Ok… she has a gunblade.

A gun blade. READ THOSE WORDS.

Gunblade ala Final Fantasy 8. Now Square, thank you for listening – yes we did want gunblades back because they are fucking awesome, however – seeing as I can only control one player, why not do what FF8 allowed you to do?

In Final Fantasy 8 for any readers who are not aware, the lead character Squall had a gunblade, which if you timed your attack correctly meant you would slash and then fire off a shot. So in this game, where you only control one character and most of the time auto attack will do everything for you faster then you could have thought anyway, maybe some form of timed attack would have helped keep interest? I am currently sat back just mashing attack, if I had to actually pay attention to pull off the gunblade shot or something similar – maybe even just time a button press to pull of a critical hit, then maybe I would hold interest a bit faster.

I finally have 4 ATB gauge slots now, so Lightning does three slashes and then a shot of the gunblade from distance- why can’t the shot button be one of my attack options? This game is so stripped back it is unbelievable to be honest. The way this is handling the parties and characters is awful and my casual boredom is quickly turning to rage and hatred, this better pick up soon.

I almost shouted with joy when Lightning shot something with the gunblade, confirming that it was actually a gunblade- my favourite sci-fi weapon of all time, sadly with no control what so ever over using it and no way to use the gun portion (not yet anyway) it ends up being pointless… how can this have less interaction then a game that is over 10 years old? Cmon Square, just do something to keep me interested in your god awful battle system…please.

-Josh/Origami Kid

4 Responses to “Just a little Final Fantasy 13 note regarding Lightning and her Gunblade”
  1. tomoxtoby says:

    I never got this game and watching my housemate play the new at home has done nothing to improve my understanding of what can only be described as an over-elaborate Pokemon, yes I said Pokemon!

    Like you said, it just a mash of buttons and quick panning camera angles that gives the illusion that something interesting is actually going on, when in reality, your retarded bag of pocket monsters are standing there like lemmings!

    During my routine bothering of said housemate – and when he wasn’t moaning about me – he was moaning about how long it was taking the story to get going! You mentioned the opening 6 hours was null and void, but how much of that was actually gameplay?? I swear it was at least 90% video…sounds like a great investment this game!

    Now where did I put my gameboy…

  2. origamikid says:

    You heard me wrong good fellow! It takes the first 25 hours fr the story to get going!! Apparently this can take as little as 15 hours for someone who is rushing through – but i am told the ultimate linearity will last at the very least 20 hours for the average player… I don’t know whether I am actually going to reach that at this rate!

    I find it quite funny that apparently a few people have found my post today with the following text in a search engine:

    “ff13 gunblade button”
    “final fantasy xiii firing lightning gunblade?”
    “final fantasy 13 boring”

    I am now onto the second disk- I still no nothing about any of the characters or care about their plights – the worst final fantasy game? Jury is still out!

  3. No, the worst was 12… at least this game has my attention whereas 12 was so lame I still haven’t completed the 2nd chapter. 12 tried for a feel of 9 but sorely missed its mark lol! In my oppinion they should have just gone for another movie with FFXIII as it would be more fun.

    If we’re only allowed to control one character (and if that character dies we have to try again) they should have went for a more expancive battle system like Devil May Cry or Batman Arkham Asylm etc. so we could actually do something rather than lean back with a beer in one hand and controler in the other.

    It could have also been cool if they did like The Legend of Dragoon where you have to press in time with a square to pull off bigger, better, and more damaging moves.

  4. 8 was by far my fave followed very close by 9 and then 10 but my fave RPG of this type is Grandia!

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