Slash Touring Band Members Announced today – Good Stuff!

Slash has seemed a bit misguided as of late, this new solo album he is gearing up for release has got musicians from all walks of musical life – one can’t help but wonder if Slash’s former 20 year old self could fast forward through time and see his olderself working with Fergie Ferg of the Black Eyed Peas, Cyprus Hill and the Maroon 5 singer (you can’t expect me to remember his name for christ’s sakes!) well… I imagine that if he discovered this it would be probable that he would just hold a gun to his head and end it just there and then!

But the ways of today have made it so that this is actually happening, I am also told by a very reliable source who has heard the new album, that it actually sounds very good! then again what do you expect when you have Ozzy arranging the whole thing and singing on one of the songs, Lemmy (Motorhead) and Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge, one of the most incredible singers to grace metal, on board I expect this to turn out alright!

What the question on most of our minds was however, was how exactly he was going to tour with this band? Who was going to be playing, who was going to be doing what. Cause we knew for a fact that the Avenged Sevenfold Singer is currently recording a new album with A7X, Ozzy is recording a new album, Cyprus Hill are doing some live dates and quite honestly don’t think Fergie Ferg and Maroon 5 guy would be able to handle the touring schedule of a rock N’ roll/metal band…but still! Things have been announced, read on for the info! I am excited!

Ok so the touring line-up is as follows:
Vocals: Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge),
Guitars: Slash – obviously. (Guns & Roses)
Guitars: Bobby Schneck (Slash’s Blues Ball/Aerosmith),
Bass: Dave Henning (Big Wreck)
Drums: Brent Fitz (Vince Neil/Alice Cooper).

Firstly I will point out the iffy bits:

Brent Fitz is ok, but he is only ever been a touring drummer for those bands, considering they had the likes of original G&R drummer Steven Adler, Blink 1-8-2’s Travis Barker and the mighty Dave Grohl all contributing to the album it would have been nice to see a bit more “all star” taking up the sticks.

Again Bobby Schneck is ok, he did decent work with Slash’s coverband in the years after G&R but again, with Izzy Stradlin, mastermind behind ALOT of my favourite G&R songs…well why could they not have taken him out on the road? I quite honestly do not know who Dave Henning is…nor do I expect them to be able to get Lemmy to go on the road with them, but again, Duff McKagan did some stuff on the album….we could have almost had the good parts of G&R (without Axl who is shit now…Myles Kennedy singing those G&R songs would have been epic!) but fine if you don’t want him Slash – what about: Flea? Flea of Red Hot Chilli Peppers fame, he might still be chillin at college or what ever he is doing, but he would have had the summer off – take him for fucks sake!

But the real star is of course Myles Kennedy. He is the man nicknamed Thor, for his voice has the power of the gods. He is incredible. His work in Alter Bridge is amazing, so sure It is going to be veryyy interesting to see him trying to take on songs that Lemmy has recorded…and hopefully they will avoid the stuff by Cyprus hill – not because it will be awful, but because him trying to rap will be horrendous. Hopefully he will inject power and atmosphere into the songs, not just try and rip off the other singers, because regarless of whether it is live- Ozzy, M.Shadows and Fergie Ferg all have very unique voices…will be interesting!

So the album is out very soon. start of april in USA and start of May in the UK. No dates have been announced yet, but look at Download and look at Sonisphere. My money is on Download for 2 reasons:

1)Cyrpus Hill are playing with RATM a few days before in London which means they will almost certainly play at Download AND come on stage and do a song (and cover of Paradise City if Fergie is there) or two. I almost certainly think a few of the other members will turn up, especially as it looks likely that Motorhead and a few of the other bands will almost certainly turn up Download this year.

2) I have a feeling Guns and Roses, Axl’s G&R will headline Sonisphere… that is a massive guess, but i can see it happening. Iron Maiden have a “Special guest” underneath their name on Sonies website but that is almost certainly their USA touring support -Dream Theater. Slash won’t play down a line-up he will want top pickings with a line-up like this and with a album that is supposedly amazing, so unless they will be playing underneath Maiden can’t see em going there and THEY CERTAINLY wont play if G&R are playing. No way in hell.

It will be interesting stuff, hopefully I will have my hands on the album really soon, so just keep your eyes on the blog 🙂

New fanzine info going up next few days: More final fantasy and other games impressions/thoughts going up over next few days!

Also new stuff of mine on going up this weekend!

Thanks for reading
Josh West

One Response to “Slash Touring Band Members Announced today – Good Stuff!”
  1. Read Slash’s bio, it’s a good read, though the Gunners blew it for me. I loved those guys when “Appetite” came out. I bought the “Illusion” albums the day they were released but as much as I tried to like them there were too many weak songs. It would have made an amazing single album. check out my “Appetite” posting and review of their 1992 Irish show –

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