Guess who is coming to a radio near you…

…well not really a radio, but your computer anyway!

(If you havn’t already guessed yet) It’s me!

Yes! That’s right, only a few days after submitting a request the radio programmer gentlemen has gotten back to me and supposedly like my idea – luckily he also liked my idea just as a slot opens up on Friday afternoons.

I assume this still needs to be verified by him but for now – I am pretty fucking excited! For any of you who listened to me guest on Purple Haze last week will know that I love to talk and am rather passionate about video games – which…well is essentially what my hour and a half segment will be!

Yes – you read that correctly, me + airwaves + 1 hour and a half = madness.

So what is my radio show: Well the idea I pitched to him was along the lines of:

A chat show revolving around Video Games, Comics and any general pop culture stuff from the previous week. Video Game wise expect news/reviews/impressions and discussions and Comic Book stuff will also take the form of news and reviews. There aren’t many chat shows on Sonar Radio…tbh I don’t if there are any, but what I do know is I am bringing the geekyness full force.

He didn’t mention what the situation with music is. I have a feeling that if i DO have to play ANY music, then it will have to be from their crappy playlist…which if that is the case then I will play as little as possible as it is all pop nonsense, but I will try and get in loads of video game music (at the very least underneath my voice while I am talking) and even try squeeze in some classic rock- it is my show god damn it and I will headbang if I want to!

The only thing I am wondering is whether I can actually hold a show for a hour and a half about video games? SO much time to rant… I am getting moist at the thought of it! Luckily I will have co-hosts, undecided yet, but I am thinking revolving co-hosts. Yep! Each week try and have a different co-presenter with me, this will bring in different opinions and hopefully we will get some good discussions about new releases, gaming trends and industry stuff!

Planning on doing some regular features and stuff like that, I think this could be alot of fun and I know that I am certainly looking forward to this quite alot!

What would you like to see in this? What would you like for us all to talk about?!

Get on it people, your comments will shape this cast – Friday afternoon IF it does all go ahead, hopefully you enjoyed me on the radio enough last week to enjoy me on my own show 😀

Thanks for reading, I have a LOT of posts ready to go – so if you don’t care about Final Fantasy…don’t read my blog for the next few days hahahaha.

Have a good one,
Josh/ origami kid
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