It is official! Origami Kid is taking to the airwaves! Lock up your daughters!

OK – so it is official! As a pal Ebo Easton would say, “Lock up your Daughters!” – That is correct readers!

Josh “Dredd” West, that’s me, will be hitting up Sonar Radio very very soon.

If you don’t belive me look here annnnddd here! – Obviously all the info and shit still needs to go up, but it’s 3 in the morning…I don’t know why the radio programmer was still up, I was geeking out and having a major Final Fantasy session…fuck knows what he is doing!

So anyway. My slot is going to be: 3pm-4:30pm on a Friday. It is a VIDEO GAME/COMIC BOOK CHAT SHOW – going to rule, for more info and more of me wondering what the fuck I am going to talk about for a hour and a half, then click HERE to view an earlier post!

Now I KNOW that none of you have any lives šŸ˜‰ so you have no excuse not to start listening to my show. I will be doing my training on Friday, with my slot being used for me to get used to how everything words…sounds disastrous and my first show will be the week after – which also happens to be the day everyone breaks up for Easter, so not only will no-one probs be listening anyway, but I will then have to wait 3 weeks to get back to you all! Going to be interesting, I can’t wait!

I am going to be on at daytime. DAYTIME. I know it isn’t being broadcast out onto proper radio channels, you know where my grandma could listen to it in the car on the way to knitting or something (well…she wouldn’t turn BBC Radio 2 off anyway) but still… it is being broadcast during the day on a platform that allows essentially anyone in the world to listen – am I suitable for day time broadcast? I am about as suitable for day-time broadcast as putting giving a pedophile a job at a daycare center (for those of you who are scratching your heads…that would be MOST unsuitable!)

So I guess just need to work out what the hell I am going to ramble on about for a hour and a half. The only suggestion I have come up with so far is sticking the Sonic -Green Hill Zone music on repeat while I sing along… the thing is people like this idea…hmmm – I will keep it as the card up my sleeve just in-case everything goes south.

Bah – anyway, this was cool news so I thought I would share it!

Josh West / Origami Kid
UK EDITOR at Metal Temple

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