Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack details begin to surface…and they take the royal piss

Oh Infinity Ward you have had a really shitty two weeks. We can all see and understand that – there is however, no need to take this out on your fans.

This week Infinity Ward have announced the first multiplayer map pack, there has been no mention on when the new perks, weapons and game modes are coming (or if they are at all) as they had previously stated in the past, but what we do have is one of the worst value for money DLC’s ever.

I feel a bit insulted that Infinity Ward would like to charge me £12 for essentially what is three multiplayer maps… oh yes you read that correctly, please read on for the full lo-down.

So this map pack, the “Stimulus Package” is going to cost 1200 MP points.


Not only is this a ridicules amount of money for a map pack but the content doesn’t really seem to make the value a worthwhile investment.

For your cash you get three original maps and then (here is the kick in the teeth) two maps re-worked from COD4. Let’s start off with the new maps,

* Bailout: a multi-level apartment complex
* Storm: an open industrial park littered with heavy machinery
* Salvage: a snowy junkyard fortified by stacked debris and crushed cars

Ok they sound cool and everything, they don’t really give an indication of the size of the maps, but one can assume that it will be one small, one medium and one large map. Pretty generic stuff, that maybe would be worth 400 MP points.

Then they have done this, this is the thing that got me moist. They are putting in two maps from COD4, the game which for me defined online FPS on the 360. But they aint any two maps, oh no – they are THE BEST two maps. Crash and Overgrown. They were the maps from the COD beta, shouts of, “there are two dudes in the 3 story and one moving to the blue room…fuck I’m …i’m pinned down in the helicopter” are ringing in my ears.

When I was told that these maps would be in this pack last week I almost jumped with joy. I was ready to go back into GAME rebuy Modern Warfare 2, but Bad Company 2 on the shelf for a bit and get back to some quality time with 2 awesome maps…sadly Infinity Ward have fucked us all over by charging 1200 points.

These 2 maps will have no actual changes or additions, just graphical improvements. Those 2 maps maybe push it to 800 points, but £12 for 3 new maps and 2 old maps is about as worthwhile as sticking your balls in a blender.

People will buy the pack, but hopefully the majority will have some sense. This is a complete rip-off and Infinity Ward are really fucking over their fans and supporters, luckily for me I am well into Bad Company 2.

Bad Company 2 is again, like COD4, a defining experience of the online multiplayer world of the Xbox 360. BC2 is a breath of fresh air in a completely dull and overdone world of shooters. DICE know how to support their game and how to make fans love them – their own map pack is coming out on the same day as Modern Warfare 2’s….

30th March the two games will have DLC released and a battle will commence. Only difference is Bad Comapny 2’s DLC is going to be free.


Take that news Infinity Ward, and re-assess your own game. DICE know how to support it’s game, less then a month after release and we are getting free DLC? Incredible, maybe you should take a page from EA’s book Activision – you greedy fucks.

-Josh West/Origami Kid


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