This week on Xbox 360 – Set to be explosive (Splinter Cell Conviction and Perfect Dark)

This is a good week to own an Xbox 360 – so good in fact that I thought I would make a post about it, sadly not much talking from me today as I am rather ill – however I thought I would share this news if you still don’t know,

Firstly: Perfect Dark, the N64 classic, is coming to the XBLA on Wednesday 17th for the wonderful price of 800 MP points! Complete with Xbox live play, maps and weapons from Goldeneye and a whole lot more make this a arcade game worth buying!

Secondly, and better news: SPLINTER CELL CONVICTION DEMO this week! Let those words sink in and now breath… the long awaited, long delayed and looking 100% badass Splinter cell: Conviction demo is hitting on Thursday the 18th.

Conviction looks like the only time any of us will get a 24 game that doesn’t suck. They have refined all of the combat and stealth sections that make this SC..well actually look fun! The revamped way the game handles combat situations and firefights is sure to impress, I have kinda been thinking that this looks like Assassins Creed but set with a James Bomb/Jack Bauer type lead character and well…you know it is set indoors and in and around warehouse/skyscrapers/buildings/secret islands with lighthouses (I would imagine)… so keep your eyes open. Last I heard it was being built on a modified AC engine, so i honestly think this could be incredible!

With two whole levels to play through I hope we get to see how they have made Fisher more stealthy and agile, while also making him more badass. I want to be able to interrogate people, kill the fuck out of people and most importantly do some really fast, on the fly and under pressure stealth/freerunning attacks that they have promised.

I have seen videos where Fisher’s cover gets blown while sneaking through a mansion and he ends up going into a massive firefight in which he at one point, jumps out the window – shimmys the wall while everything is blowing up, throws a guy out of it, shimmy’s some more – smashes through and breaks some necks and then goes hides on some pipes before jumping down and raining death upon their sorry mercenary asses – FUCKING COOL!

Expect a impressions post of the demo on Friday or Saturday !

-Josh West/Origami Kid


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