Radio, Interviews and Work Placement’s – All In That Order!

So this week has been insane. It has been full of frustration… “why the fuck have I not been emailed back?” was the flavour of the week mostly but through it all good things mainly came out.

So lots to cover but first things first, on Friday I did very very brief training for my radio show…and to be perfectly honest…well now I am shitting it. The first annoyance I discovered is that I have to play ‘playlist’ music – which means no good music essentially will be played while I am on air for a hour and a half. I will get to choose from the biggest shite of the week/month, all of which I know nothing about – how the fuck am I going to be able to choose music that cohesively runs together or even music that sounds half decent? My pop/indie/current trend/etc music knowledge is about as strong as a sunday morning summer breeze – I foresee a potential disaster in the works.

Luckily he said I can play my own music underneath my voice while I am talking, so video game music is in. I think ‘Green Hill Zone (sonic)’ or the ‘Encounter (Metal Gear Solid)’ songs are going to work best, might crack out some “house theme (Legend of Zelda Wind Waker)’ or ‘Grandma’s House (LOZ:WW)’ as they are some favourites of mine…hopefully the guy will show me how to use the CD player!

I wasn’t expecting everything to be so difficult in all honesty. So many buttons, switches, options and unlabeled boxes, I am really worried that this is going to go to hell in a handbasket very quickly. I kind of understand how to check levels, fade in/out voices and the music…but I am not sure that I completely understand how to queue up/play music, so I hope to god someone helps me out next week!

The other thing is everytime I play a song I have to run through this rudimentary list of crap; time of day, my name, the station, the songs and artist I just played (said with a smile!) and then run off the email address…urgh.

Well let me put it this way, this is a chat show through and through. Once I get past initial difficulties and get some confidence I am playing less music and having more talking. Going to do a 30 minute per section split. 30 minutes Video games, 30 minutes Comic Books and 30 minutes movies/general geek stuff on the week. Obviously into that I will work in general debate topics, questions and hopefully some regular features…. and a bit of shitty pop music.

Will be going to a photoshoot on Monday, this will give me some epic photos to use on the website- trying to decide between Captain America t-shirt OR Legend of Zelda shirt… hmm decisions decisions. Hopefully this works out well for me, I don’t want to end up freezing up but at same time I don’t want to fuck this up – heres hoping it goes well eh?

A source of major frustration all week but finally it is looking good. On Monday I am heading into London to interview American band White Wizzard, which is going to be awesome. As this interview isn’t at a show, I will be heading over to the Earache offices and doing the interview over lunch i think, so I am going to take a completely casual approach. I am going to prepare no questions and just see how it goes. Hopefully I will get a good half hour – 45 minutes although saying that I already dread trying to write this thing up! Should be wicked though, I still remain one of the only people I know in a similar field actually getting interviews and getting on with it – so that is a positive for me.

Another massive, if not one of the biggest I have got lined up in my rather short career, is an interview with Jeff Waters of Annihilator fame. Jeff Waters is an incredible musician and Annihilator produced one of my favourite thrash albums (Alice in Hell) as well as a cracking new album – so getting to meet/interview him on the tour bus is hopefully going ahead. Awaiting a final confirm/time but I think It is going ahead….fucking excited about that one. A real metal legend – I hope I can think of some good stuff to ask him!

Work Placement
I have gotten myself 2 weeks work experience at Terrorizer magazine, will be doing it in the early summer, but It is going to be awesome. It feels so good to actually have sorted it out myself and gotten myself in a position where I can make a name for myself. I have worked hard over the last year and it is nice to see this paying off!

Anyway I have talked enough, thanks for reading people – I will have another update for you soon πŸ™‚

-Josh/Origami kid

2 Responses to “Radio, Interviews and Work Placement’s – All In That Order!”
  1. timevampires says:

    Hey Bro

    Don’t bother with the well known videogame sounds, send your listeners into a frenzy by using, and just click play. There’s a constant 24 hour stream of hot gold piss coming straight from that.

    Bad news on the music front though.

    Where are your PerfectDark and SplinterCellDemo reviews/thoughts?

    Speak to you soon, we have to smash some shit up on BFBC2 this week.


    • origamikid says:

      Hey man, Perfect Dark I am buying today so will get on that shit a few days into the week – Splinter Cell on the other hand I am going to have that up onto youtube as my first video thing. I have recorded my run through, so I just need to stick some audio over the top – not really sure what I am going to say or anything but now is the best time to start experimenting, I guess I will just record random thoughts throughout – no way in hell I will attempt to talk for the whole 10 minutes tho πŸ˜€

      Nice site, i will see what I can do! Bad Company 2 this week, tonight if you are around πŸ˜‰

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