White Wizzard interview is GO

Sadly due to various problems both on my end and scheduling conflicts; my interview with White Wizzard has either been canceled or moved. If it has moved (which would be to tomorrow… I can’t do…) and if canceled it is a massive shame as I was looking forward to going to the Earache offices, meeting the boys and whatnot.

Hopefully will try and rearrange it so I can do a phone interview during my slot or later today -who knows!


Looks like all is go – will be doing it via the phone during the same slot – AWESOME! Well…does anyone know how the best way for me to do this is going to be? I imagine I should be able to just set my phone onto loudspeaker and then just set my dictaphone next to it and hit record… I will let you all know, check this post a but later for an update!
Interview went ok – it was weird doing it over the phone…. I had my iphone on speaker and then the dictaphone set up next to it, didn’t feel very natural – reception wasn’t great either so we had a bit of breakup on both ends. Communication Breakdown would be the best way to describe it I would say – with phone it is tough as they can’t see your face joking around and getting a conversation feels a little despondent. Got some good quotes tho I think, wish I could have gone to see them on saturday – I think we can expect big things from White Wizzard!

A bit of good news – Annihilator interview is 100% go. Will be interviewing Jeff Waters and the guys next Monday, well…I say 100%, but it is 100% as you can be with these things. Luckily I managed to again get my slot early on the first day of press – so hopefully I have some good questions and stuff so he is in a good mood for the rest of the day – IF you do have anything you would like me to ask them, then by all means contact me via the usual channels!

Anyway, that is that for that little update

-Josh/Origami Kid


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