God Of War III – Time to get my game face on!

“Dude why have you not written anything about GOW yet?” – Why have I not written anything about a glass of water? ” No dude…God Of War III, you loved the demo and now the game is out – you not writing anything about it?”

Is essentially how a few convos across various platforms have gone since GOW III came out last Friday, it was release that passed by to much distress from myself. Money is as scarce as Kratos’s ability to love a small cat, so sadly the game had to take a back seat while I attempt to pay for trips into London, rent, beer and food. Luckily Tim came to my rescue.

Tim is a man who bought God Of War III – he is also a man that has so much uni work he is drowning in it, not that it seems to bother him. Two of his other housemates seem considerably worried about finishing this coding work and they have been at it for a few days (at least) – Tim just cries out “nah I will get it done.” Why am I telling you this? Because I was playing GOWIII for a few hours with him today and it fucking rules! One thing happened that was so incredible I almost blew a load all over his floor…it was so satisfyingly disgusting… in fact change disgusting for the word ‘amazing’ and then you know exactly the position I am in.

Anyway – He needs to do his coding so he has lent me the game…under the pretense that it MUST be back with him by 4PM Friday… can I do it? I fucking hope so! Tuesday is uni all day and then I have a bit of work to do in the evening, Wednesday is completly null/void due to having to go out for my Facebook Wife’s birthday …so this leaves Thursday. I estimate the game will take me 10/12 hours. I will complete this game. I must complete this game.

I am just going to have to get my game face on. Expect an initial (spoiler free) impressions post at 5 hours in. A second one at 10 hours in (or a little later if I haven’t completed it by that point) and then a final post with a final sum-up! This game is going to be sick, I can not fucking wait!

I think I know how it will end…I am quite certain he is just going to kill every single god and the world will end…literally turn to nothing. that is my guess anyway, I can’t see it turning out any other way – especially if you have seen what I have seen…I haven’t played the bloody thing yet… but if you like Greek Mythology then this is the kinda shit you can never be unseen – like showing a virgin having sex out of wedlock to a strict Christian or showing a blood transfusion to a Jehovah Witness… can.never.be.unseen.

My point sorry, going off track, is that I don’t care about the predictable story – the thrill of seeing all of these characters and stories that I love being manipulated in such a new way is great, but thankfully the gameplay and direction of the story is superb, the gameplay looks visceral as fuck and the whole thing just looks nuts.

I can’t wait to dive right into this one 🙂

-Josh/origami kid


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