Nintendo 3DS Announced Today- the Handheld Device to SUCCEED the DS (UPDATED!)

Today Nintendo announced something rather unprecedented. Coming out of an annual fiscal meeting, the Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, announced that a new DS system would be launching between April 2010 and March 2011.

He stressed that this wasn’t just another redesign, like the DS Lite was to the original Nintendo DS. Nor was it just a regular updated machine like the DSi was to the DSlite… or like the Dsi to the Dsi XL…. No this was a brand new machine, new features, new hardware and new games-

Ladies and gentlemen Nintendo have announced the….wait for it:

A shit you not.
More info after the jump!

That is right, do not adjust your computer monitor – Nintendo are announcing more details at this years E3, so for now all we know at this point is that the company are switching focus to 3D. While no name has yet been announced I think it is safe to assume that it will be called the NINTENDO 3DS – why would it be called anything else?

This is a portable device to succeed your Nintendo DS. It has 3D effects and no 3D glasses (more on that below). All your old DS games are fully compatible which means it will have a camera and tbh properly the screen size of the XL (speculation however as I don’t know)

Apparently all of your games for your DS and DSi will be backwards compatible, yet they are stressing that this IS the next big move for the DS. This is a bit more then a kick in the teeth, with them just releasing the DSi in shit loads of colours and just this month the DSi XL – I don’t think consumers will respond well to (what is essentially) another updated machine. No matter how much they paint this as “the DS successor” unless they make it look radically different or remove motion control it is just going to be seen as another update – because that is essentially what it is.

Just because your DS PRINTS MONEY Nintendo – doesn’t mean you can run out another casual update and walk it round town hailing it as the new king of the land, when all it actually is, is the old king dressed up in a different robe …and wearing sunglasses.

You see 3D is the new cool. Nintendo like to be cool.

I am still wondering whether they are pulling an early April Fools joke here… they say this machine will run in 3D WITHOUT the need for silly 3D glasses. At which point has technology gotten good enough for us to not need 3D glasses to view something in 3D? Movies still require them, video gaming has only just entered the realm of 3D gaming and all of those console games still need them… heck TV’s are just moving into 3D and they need those ‘Active Shutter’ glasses which cost £50+ per set so how is this going to work?

Pure speculation on my part suggests this: It isn’t going to work. The games will be lame. Games with 3D effects on a screen that small just won’t work. This to me makes it sound like they have found a way of making those isometric games we used to play on the GBA look 3D. They previously said that this new product would have “Highly Detailed Graphics” – so we are looking at a DS that has better graphics but also 3D effects without glasses? How do you even produce depth of field on a screen that small? Nintendo you better have some kind of fucking magic planned for E3 cause I am already getting ready to jump ship.

They originally said they wouldn’t move into this area until more research on effects of 3D on health could be tested, well Nintendo 3D gives me migraines and makes me feel sea sick – that is on a TV and cinema screen… how the hell are people going to fare on your tiny two little screens? I hope you offer a special cover whereby you scrub the smell of vomit out of my shiny new Nintendo 3Ds…cause I can see this giving me issues!

Well If I had just bought a DSi XL I think I would be going ape shit around about now.

More news as it breaks!


Well throughout the day lots of news has broken and ideas have been coming up SO I thought you might all like an update on new stuff coming out.

Firstly- Size wise: apparently it is going to be the same size as the DSi XL – however the screens are going to be a little bit smaller.

Ok and additional stuff (the good stuff) – apparently I am hearing from various sources that the 3DS will include a 3D Joystick AND will have Rumble/Force Feedback. This will of course rule! They have used rumble packs on the GBA and DS before so the tech is there, should work fine! Would rule, Metroid Pinball was ok, the rumble pack was a nice addition back then! The joystick would be incredible. Finally developers could start making some real games for the machine, instead of implementing clunky ways of using the touch pad as a virtual joystick, a real touchable joystick would make games such as Legend of Zelda – EVEN MORE fucking amazing! Good show Nintendo, you do listen sometimes!

Second bit of news- Two ways the 3D without glasses could work have given us the opportunity to see what features could be included. One way is the machine could use two cameras to track the players movements and the interactions to create a virtual 3D environment, This is already being done now – in fact look at this video showing you the 3D working on the DSi:

The second way it could work is by using a built in accelerometer, which as you tilt the machine again would create a virtual 3D space. Look to this video from Kotaku showing it off on pre-existing Iphone games (Word FU).

So well…there you go! I think the Camera is the most likely option as they (nintendo) have said in the past that they would want ways of tracking the player if they implemented 3D – so who knows. TBH I could easily see them just including both in the machine, then again I don’t actually know. All wild speculation. The 3D Joystick and rumble would rule though, getting closer to that handheld gamecube!


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