University takes a step in a 3rd year direction…

This is an updated blog post. Apparently 501ent university are running something which I can only say is like attending Nazi Germany during the 1940’s – a world of propaganda and controlled publicity, then again I guess it gets enough bad publicity as it (thanks uni rating tables for making our lives getting jobs even harder!) But anyway, I won’t name names, but apparently i could potentially have been done for libel or slander…fuck that. Fuck that right up it’s stupid arse. What a load of bullshit. Well I am not taking the post down, but here is an edited version with names of certain people changed and only one description that could relate to someone changed, I refuse to be censored by a university that dropped over 20 places on a ranking table in one year…so fuck that – here is the post – the bits in red have been altered in some way anyway enjoy!

Today I attended a meeting with the head of my university course (I can’t name due to shit mentioned above) and then four other lecturers some of which I had never met, nor even knew existed – the purpose of this meeting? To talk us through the prospect of picking our 3rd year options and preparing our Dissertation proposals.

It dawned on me – what is more scary?

The thought that in a mere 50 days I am going to finish my second year of university – essentially capping off a wasted year which has seen close to zero improvement in my writing due to the lack of teaching/structure and feedback.

Or is it scarier to think that in just 415 days I am going to finish my 3rd year of university, I am going to be thrown out into a giant pool that represents journalism. I will be sailing the seas of the world, attempting to stay afloat amongst the tidal waves of journalists all fighting for some rubber lifeboats to attempt to make it to the shore of a small island – an island that is slowly getting engulfed by a blaze of fire.

The problem here of course is essentially I am being thrown into this uncontrollable force, this sea without a ruler, an ocean without an Atlantis – with no ability to swim.

Rather pessimistic. That is what I get when I attend “an unspecified university” I guess. I am currently looking at 3 weeks off for Easter, three weeks. Weeks I am going to use to try and get my website finished, despite the fact that I am currently unable to use Dreamweaver, and on top of that I need to get my fanzine complete.

Why the pessimism directed at the “unspecified university”? Well myself and future housemate <name removed as don’t want him dragged into shit>, are worried that our degree are worth about as much as the paper they are printed on. I guess the one bit of advise I can give any of you is for fuck sake – check to see whether your degree is accredited properly. His course isn’t accredited, my course is accredited by one of a few different boards – not the main/official one though. Will this effect our ability to get a job in journalism? Will it effect our ability to report abroad? maybe…we honestly don’t know, if you do know – then please by all means let us know below.

: I had a talk today.

This talk gave us a look at our 3rd year options and the on-coming dissertation.

Firstly lets tackle the dissertation – we don’t need to give dissertation proposals. We don’t get to be creative and thoughtful with our dissertation. We get two choices: Academic or Creative. IF you want to do academic then we would need to go to them and ask about it (Theory sucks anyway) but if it is creative then we need to do 2,000 words worth of essay and magazine pitches. The other 8,000 words are comprised of articles/magazine content. You get no extra marks for designing the whole magazine and handing it in like that, so realistically: you need to hand in 3 articles and a couple of reviews that would fit in a chosen publication (or your own) – I will be doing music based as I can easily get interviews. With the hand in just being articles then I honestly don’t see why I shouldn’t be looking at aiming for a 1st on my dissertation.

ANYWAY: – We got the opportunity to do in a nutshell:

– Fashion and Styling (No journalism, all just setting up shoots/make up/etc)
– Writing Criticism (talked about below…would be cool…sadly it aint)
– Advanced Design (yyyeeeesss!)
– Photo Journalism (hmm does photojournalism even exist outside of Vice anymore?)
– Political Communication (Sounds interesting… but job opportunities are limited)
– Travel Journalism (Travel sucks…but has the most writing/feedback of them all)
– Journalism in Film and Fiction (Sounds interesting…but also quite random)

The interesting ones for me are: role of criticism in Journalism – I see myself as a critic, I always have. I have written reviews and opinion pieces for years so of course this sounded interesting but the lecturer seems like she is going to be unwieldy (edited out due to libel reasons) who likes to shout and talk about Socrates (lets be honest…after Bill and Ted all i can think of is Keanu Reeves pronouncing his name So-crates!)  and other bollocks – to me the whole course sounds about as fun as getting a blowjob from a fox… that has rabies.

Travel Writing: Only because the whole thing is based around actual writing. the lecturer seems like a legend. I think his name was Martin, I am tempted to take it just to have this guy teach me, he was like this older guy with a cool personality and a documentary voice… amazing! I hate travel and travel writing but the fact that it is all writing and all feedback and writing structures… well that makes me very tempted- Shame they don’t do this for entertainment/technology writing!

ADVANCED MAGAZINE DESIGN – What it says on the tin. Taught by the legend Phil Dixon this would be a course based heavily on both design and writing. The course would require that i get into a team of 3 and then we create a niche magazine title. Design and write the whole thing. THE WHOLE THING. I would want to do a 120 page magazine, based around music or video games. Sadly the group thing presents the biggest problem – I don’t know anyone who I could group with that has any interest in those things or same type of music. In fact i am not sure there is anyone I would want to group with full-stop. The second problem is I would sure be doing LOTS of writing and designing but I dont think I would get much feedback on my writing- therefore I would end up not learning anything new, but just continuing at same pace as I am at now. It would give me lots of experience though – loootttsss.

Best get my thinking hat on.

Sorry about the edits, I didn’t realise we still lived in 1940’s Nazi Germany. Free speech and all that yea?

-Josh/origami kid


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