The first radio show happened… and it def aint gonna to be the last!

On Friday (26th March) I hosted my very first radio show on Radio Sonar. I took with me Dan Williams for the ride in the co-host chair – I think it went well!

I have received the audio logs to the show, I think despite the fact we went in without a plan or anything to talk about we did a decent job. I am most surprised with my voice, my voice on radio for the most part sounded clear, concise and full – I am happy with this!

Sure I can see the issues that came up; subjects, breaks/gaps and being too general. This can be fixed with a decent plan/outline as well as some better banter and some more order. Next episode will be in 3 weeks … got some really good ideas and hopefully some ways to get this show the best it can be in the 5 or 6 episodes I get to spend with it before the end of term!

Next episode I am thinking of bringing in at least two other people as well as promoting it properly. Some listener banter/feedback while we are going would be great because at the end of the day – I plan this thing as a chat show, and without people getting involved it is a bare boned chat show. Music wise the playlist music is soooo out of place amongst talk of Pokemon and the Captain America movie so I am going to play as little as I can. Co-host wise I have no idea, I think I am going to stick with revolving doors. So expect Dan back, expect to finally hear the voices of Tom and Tim – as well as the sensual voices of some other people – hopefully will be good times!

Well that is that! I am going to post some of the radio stuff up on youtube soon so hopefully you will be able to give it a listen soon!

oh – I also saw Kick-Ass… superb. Review soon. all I can say is that it is potentially one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. Faultless.

Josh/Origami Kid


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