THE WALKING DEAD TV show details are released… including a casting!

So as you may (or may not) have heard – The Walking Dead, a comic published by Image Comics and created/written by the wonderful Robert Kirkman, last year got picked up by AMC. AMC wanted to create a tv series of our beloved series and as a fan I was incredibly happy to see AMC picking up the rights, they were a company who knew how to treat a property right.

Then all news died down. We have heard nothing for months. Kirkman has been saying in his letters section that a pilot episode was 100% on the way at the very least and that he had seen the script for episode one and he was very happy with it.

Today news broke regarding the series, it’s length and … finally our first casting!

As I am sure you all know by now, The Walking Dead isn’t just a zombie comic. No it is so much more then that. It is a social commentary and character driven and progression based story, set inside a zombie appocalypse. If anything the zombies take a back seat to all the drama that happens amongst the survivors… to be honest some of the things that happen amongst the diverse group, especially as we see the characters change and evolve throughout the series, have been more terrifying and scary then anything the zombies could ever present – that is the brilliance of the comic. Will they be able to bring this to our TV screens? Depends whether they take it more Dawn of the Dead over say that TV series Dead Set that aired a while back.

Anyway – today they revealed some MASSIVE information.

The Walking Dead has been greenlit by AMC for 6 episodes! Superb, this means we will atleast get the first arc as it were. Kirkman recently said in the letters pages of one issue of TWD that while it wasn’t going to follow the comic exactly, it was going to stay faithful enough so that fans will fall in love with it – yet they will also be kept guessing and on the edge of their seats. Because lets be honest, half the surprise was when some (or loads as is sometimes the case) of the characters get killed off, if we knew exactly when it was coming it wouldn’t be half as interesting for us as for those who had never read it! But Kirkman seems to be keeping it in check, so hopefully we will see a decent adaption, one that stays on track…one that does the comic a worthwhile service.

I think that is all….OH! The casting? Ok I will tell you!

Shane, the Policeman who in the wake of the zombie apocalypse gets the fuck outta town with Rick’s family.  Shane- the misguided and delusional man of our tale and the back bone to the whole first arc has been cast as Jon Bernthal. Right now you are going; “who…Jon Bernthal?…. WHO THE FUCK IS THAT??!!!” Well I did the same, I will let you decide whether he looks the part, but he is currently staring in The Pacific, another one of AMC’s projects.

Personally I think he looks the part, whether or not he can act…well I don’t know but check the photo below, I def think he could do a good job – the integral part of Shane however is that he has to have a huge presence and ontop of that he has to be able to pull off delusional crazy – that is a big part of it!

So we are awaiting the rest of the casting, all I know is 6 episodes of The Walking Dead are on the way. The creator says it is staying faithful to the comic to the point where fans will love it AND still be shocked/surprised and we already have our lead man cast! Things are looking up people! We might even get it this year (unlikely)! With the show in the writing and directing hands of Frank Darabont (of Shawshank Redemption fame) and AMC track record being superb with such shows as Mad Men…well I can see this turning out bloody epically at this rate!

Post your views or thoughts in the comments section! what do YOU think of the casting?

Thanks for reading!

-Josh/Origami Kid

– He kinda looks the part, sadly I can’t find any full body shots of Shane, if I find any I will update this, but apart from the hair I think we could have a winner…maybe.


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