If Jonathan Ross can do it then so can I…

No – I am not talking about abusing old men and their daughters… in fact I respect my elders because I was brought up proper like.

No I am talking about Jonathan Ross’s recent dip into comic book writing, which proves that being the most overpaid staff member on the BBC payroll really can get you anything you want.

Sure he might be a massive comic book fan, in fact his London comic book shop is one of…if not THE nicest comic book shop I have ever visited! This doesn’t mean he can write comics, if anything it shows that this tv broadcaster and radio presenter should potentially consider staying as far away from the medium as possible.

So Jonathan Ross – your comic is called Turf, it costs $2.99 and issue #1 of 5 was released this week on Image comics. Firstly I would like to put shame on Image – guys you publish some of my favourite comics every month. Chew and The Walking Dead rule – when Bad Dog arrives on the stands after months of waiting it makes me moist, but why have you decided to just jump on the celebrity bandwagon with this? Isn’t that the job of IDW, Wildstorm or Dark Horse? Cause from what I can tell this concept aint that original nor is it very well executed.

I guess I better point this out now: I have not finished the comic. Not because I don’t have the time, not because I don’t own the comic or any other reasons like that – but because there is SO MUCH text that it is giving me a headache.

Tommy Lee Edwards is on art duties and turns in some pretty good work as usual however it is nearly unviewable thanks to Ross filling the page with an un-necessary amount of text. Ok so you have the page being split into 10 panels, why? Use the space, don’t just split the page up as much as you can and then have more text boxes on the page then you do have art. By the time you get to the second half of the comic you may as well just have written a short novel. SO MUCH TEXT. Comics are a visual medium – I would have thought that you were aware of this Mr Ross. So for the other 5 issues please remember: Show don’t tell. Imagine you have a very tight word count, find better words to use that use less space to stay – be conservative with your space. An interesting story looks hidden away but as it stands this is mediocre, uninteresting and so wordy that all it will achieve is a prompt book close once you view the massive amount of white space.

Why do I mention this? Well I have decided that is Ross can do it and somehow get this published on Image, then so can I. I am going to write my comic over summer.

I have a cool universe imagined and the first arc planned out in my head. I will begin to reveal this to you over the next few months, hopefully I will start writing the outline as soon as uni finishes and THEN I will script it, find an artist and release it on the web or do a small print run for shits and giggles!

Peace out people, keep your eyes open!


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