Hey guess what, Marvel’s “Secret Avengers” aint so much of a secret! UPDATED TWICE

As For the last month or two we have been drip fed info regarding Secret Avengers. Silhouettes that had been doctored to have defining features taken out. Then we had slow individual reveals of each of the characters, well fuck you Marvel. Here is the full roster as it stands.

We have Steve Rogers, former Captain America, leading the team. Sporting a rather horrible new suit, he also seems to be shieldless. I assumed with Buck staying as cap this would be the way, but I guess this makes perfect sense. The suit reminds me of a Fury type costume though… so place your bets now! I am going with either Nick Fury dying during Siege and Steve deciding to re-open S.H.I.E.L.D and run it and his black-ops avengers. OR Fury will drop off the grid and Steve will be asked by his friends in the government to be the figure head for national security once more.

Then we have the next new addition to the roster: NOVA. I think this could be my favourite addition, while I don’t know the character overly well, I do know he has a big role to play in Realm Of Kings as well as being part of some form of intergalactic space police which sounds amazing. The fact that he has the ability, among other things, to just open up stargates leads me to think of some really cool Avengers stories in the future…

Ed Brubaker is one of my favourite writers full stop. To see him on Avengers is amazing stuff. Of course I love his cap on-going but it is the Criminal/Sleeper/crime stuff that really has me hooked. How he will fair in the team dynamic situations…hmmm not too sure on it – especially with such odd additions such as;

Beast & War Machine. Beast recently walked away from the x-men after he didn’t like how Cyclops was running the show – get ready for plenty of him clashing with Steve and even more of him getting his ass handed to him. War Machine is now a fundamentally flawed character, anyone that has read the on-going will know how fucked up War Machine is, so hopefully Brubaker can ground him somewhat….not just have him graft onto a big-ass tank and taking on the whole US military and some hypnotized zombie things …nope that did actually happened.

Moon Knight again we will see lots of clashing with Steve after his dark past, haven’t read the on going yet – heard it’s good shit though! Valkyrie… not a fan of the character, I guess they needed atleast one depressed Asgardian in the book- who knows we might even get Avengers, Asgardians, Nova police force all together in one of the realms fighting off powered up frost trolls or something…yea you want it!

Well thats that for now. I did the rewrite as I wrote that late last night while giving Halo 2 a proper send off so here is the less convoluted version.

Peace and thanks for reading 😀
-Josh / Origami Kid


Apparently some places have been told to take the image down… I have not yet, so will stay up until I am told otherwise 🙂


Apparently Brubaker is saying on his Twitter that this isn’t the full line-up… why release only 6 silhouettes and the team roster in a battle pose if that isn’t the full line up? I mean dont get me wrong, I love your stuff -the cap run is faultless – but this Marvel PR run has been awful. Characters showing up in multiple books, slow reveals that piss off fans and really piss off retailers as they don’t know what or how many to order as no proper synopsis is available etc… If there are 3 more members to reveal or if this isnt the real line-up then stop fucking with us Marvel, the team is big enough – any more random personalities and the whole thing is just going to get lost like Thunderbolts did…and for the love of god DO NOT put Deadpool in this! Hopefully Brubaker will pull an amazing series out of the bag, like he has done with Marvels Project, and any concerns over the team will fade away…get to it!

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  1. […] I looked at the comments, I found this link to a blog leaking the full roster.  (Out of respect to the blogger, I’m not reposting the […]

  2. […] ​So once this Heroic Age stuff starts at Marvel, there’ll still be two Avengers teams — the regular Avengers and the Secret Avengers. The former includes Captain America, Thor and Iron Man, and the latter — well, that’s them up there: Beast, Nova, Valkyrie, Moon Knight, War Machine, and… uh… Steve Rogers. I guess that means Bucky-Cap will be the Cap on the Original Recipe Avengers team; I was really looking forward to the the original three getting back together, but I’m sure there’s stories to tell about Bucky working with the rich armored asshole who effectively got his mentor killed. Thanks to Rebelcomix for the tip. (Via Origami Kid) […]

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