So much news to update on – this is going to be a busy as hell week! (Updated)

So I thought I would just make a quick post – mainly to say that if you have me on an email update type thing…well I would turn it off for this week as C2E2 happened in the US of A over the weekend and so much Comic Book news and reveals happened that it literally all hit my brain and now is so overloaded it is crawling outta my ass.

We have the One More Day fiasco finally coming to a close, Young Avengers being given another chance, changes being made to the X-Men franchise that look set to take the books to new heights with some great uprising talent post-Second Coming… really loving this X-Men reshuffle. Second Coming is as good as i thought it would be and I think as we reach the end of the tie-in some cool stuff is going to be waiting for fans…more of that this week though!

We also have Avengers rosters revealed, books taking weird new directions OH and I got myself into Green Lantern…kind of anyway…

Movie wise we have Captain America, well shit loads of Cap casting, all the major players almost cast. Reasons for worry on the Thor flick, the director for Avengers picked (Josh Whedon! Get in!) Who is also doing touch ups on the script for Cap and Avengers…good times all around.

TV wise we have Walking Dead quietly assembling all the pieces of the puzzle… again I will get to that!

Fanzine stuff, had to take a back seat due to uni but I promise more is coming – expect an announcement on the artwork this week and probs the UK bands.

Hoping to do one post a day – atleast one post a day – ending with my radio show on friday at RADIO SONAR where we will delve into everything in as much depth as possible (while I give kick-ass the review, and blowjob, it has always wanted)


EDIT: Oh – got some Splinter Cell: Conviction impressions coming your way (need to play Hunter and Last Stand before however) and following some comments I just read from Phil Anselmo, I have some ideas I would like to share on a dream project of all metal maniacs who were born just that little bit too late….


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