Back on the airwaves…

So Friday the 23rd saw me return back to the airwaves of Radio Sonar, taking the hosting reigns once again, we hit it up for a hour and a half, talking movies, video games and even a little bit of comic books.

While I am still awaiting to hear whether I can get the show logs back, for now I am just going to have to put up with feedback and comments regarding how we did.

Firstly can I just say that thanks for listening if you did, and even more thanks for those of you who emailed us some questions (especially James Skerman who was emailing us from Japan! Dedicated friendship or what!) – I also apologize for sound cutting out, nothing to do with me! Unless they cut us off, which I don’t think they did, some of you are saying you got cut off at 16:00 or so and a few more around 16:20…which sucks as that’s when we were chatting Halo:Reach and Afterburner:Climax…as well as shamelessly plugging our own blogs!

The one thing I have taken away from my short stint on radio is that I love it. I would say I still haven’t settled in perfectly yet, but I am slowly finding my role as host – finding discussion points, moving along discussions and keeping the flow of conversation both moving forward and entertaining. I think today I managed to direct conversation flow well and keep discussion going best I could… a LOT harder then you may imagine.

Some people have been emailing me and said I preformed well and that I led the show incredibly well – just wanted to say thanks for your kind words! Haven’t heard any criticism yet, so I guess that can only be a good thing!

The more radio I do, the more I think about it – the more I would like to consider it is as a proper avenue as a job role. Sure Journalism is cool and everything, but daily I find myself questioning my own ability to write. Can I write? Can I write well, punch and fresh consistently? More importantly – Am I good enough to pull my head above water?

I have the drive sure…but that will only get you so far – Radio you need only but a few skills.
The ability to talk well
The ability to enforce discussion
And to be a good interviewer.

I think I could hit those – If BBC ever went through with this move to digital, I could quite happily spend the rest of my days doing a weekly radio show for unsigned metal/rock in the UK. That would be good times anyway…

SO – what do you need to know? Well I have no idea when SONAR shuts down, but expect it for another few weeks! So every friday, 3-4:30 PM you can find me at along with a various cast of people.

I have a better structure planned for next weeks show and I plan on continuously refining the format and sections down as much as possible, until it is as perfect as I can get it. Next week I have some tunes to play underneath us while we talk, better carved out sections and the more people email us in the better the opportunities for discussions and the like!

So please keep your attention firmly locked in the usual places, as said – thanks for the support! Hopefully I will get the audio logs and add them to youtube. Hopefully I can get the name of my show on the schedule changed to my media company name of “The Negative Zone” radio… tie everything intogether. Not sure 90% of listeners will get the obscure comics reference…but READ FANTASTIC FOUR OR EVEN CIVIL WAR YOU HEATHEN BASTARDS!

Anyway until next time,


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