Killzone 3 Officially Announced

Was about to post my Red Dead Redemption post, but I have put that on the backburner as I saw this just popped up as I was about to get some sleep,

Killzone 3 has been officially announced by Sony today – again this was about as likely as happening as it was for Microsoft to announce Gears Of War 3 prior to E3. So we are now getting a look at how the market is positioning itself, and from the looks of this Sony plan on attacking E3 on three fronts this year;

Sony Move – 3D gaming – Big exclusives.

Whether or not Killzone 3 will include Sony Move functionality, well that remains to be seen… but for some confirmed in stone details, then by all means hit that read more button.

Ok so Killzone 3 is of course Sony’s big shooter, along side Resistance, they make up the big two FPS exclusives that the company holds. Killzone 2 was groundbreaking in many ways, had wonderful graphics and great online multiplayer but sadly after the first few hours the single player took a real dive. This looks set to change as apparently the sequel is going to be, “bigger this time” with the game also featuring “diverse locales.”

One hint at this also brings news of a new way for players to get around – what was that Halo Reach? Oh Jetpacks you say… well guess what if it’s good enough for Halo then it’s good enough for Killzone.

Killzone 3 has jetpacks. Make of that what you will, jetpacks fucking rule -so the more the merrier. The developers are reporting that the Helghast will “explode like roman candles” if you shoot them out of the sky… oh and expect some epic in air battles as the Jetpacks have mounted machine guns on them … OH HELLS YES!

They are also used as a way to move around the levels it seems, again showing how they are trying to make the game a little bit bigger and better then before. In one level you will be “launching yourself from glacier to glacier” and the whole thing has been likened to something you would do in platform games such as Super Mario bros (double jump) or uncharted.

The other BIG bit of news is that the game will be playable in full 3D. It will require BOTH a TV capable of showing games in 3D as well as some 3D glasses. This seems like a risky move on their part, especially if they are forgoing Sony Move compatibility in favour of risking dev time and money on such a potentially pointless feature that I am sure next to nobody will actually use.

Killzone 3 will almost certainly be out late 2011, who can honestly say they will have a 3D tv this time next year? The first ones are only just being rolled out and with such uncertainty about them after the critical and public dissatisfaction with 3D films and games so far (except Avatar of course… ) …this just seems like a feature next to noone will ever get the chance to use. Here’s hoping it has Sony Move control at the very least…if I am forking out £45+ on controllers again then I expect the big first party titles to work right outta the gate!

The 3D will of course apparently increase the immersion, making bullets zip past your head and snowflakes seem more realistic and all that bullshit. Fuck that Sony, just spend all that money you want to waste on 3D gaming on something cool…like making sure Sony Move actually has games for it…GOOD GAMES – and doesn’t just flop like the Eye Toy, Playstation Eye, the Microsoft xbox 360 camera (have any of you ever played Totem Poll… worst. game. ever.) and of course the Nintendo Wii –

So anyway whos excited for Killzone 3? I know I am a day one purchaser regardless – but I think as long as they make this more epic and really really push the set pieces and cinematic strengths of the machine, then we could have one of best FPS of the last 5 years on our hands…but they really need to make the weapons handle better (far too sluggish in single player) and make combat more interesting, which funnily enough they ARE doing but including more hand-to-hand combat options, which are also incredibly brutal!

Hells yes,

Lets finish the fight… err no wait…

(link to original story + LOTS more details,


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