Off the grid for a week

Howdy people,

Thought I would let you all know that I will be off the grid for a week or so – am going on holiday to burn in the sun …without comics… and without Red Dead Redemption…

Might be a fun week! Anyway I am going to be contactable via email, twitter, facebook – just don’t text or ring me as it will charge us both! Thanks to the Iphone I will have something to do when everyone goes to sleep and then again when I wake up earlier then everyone else.

As long as I don’t get too sunburned on holiday I think I am going to book my tattoo as soon as I get back. I have been reluctant for two reasons; the first is obviously because I am subconsciously affraid of the pain and I hate needles. The second is a fear they will do it wrong…or it will look shit. I want to get one of three things on my arm, and I am willing to allow shoulder to elbow in terms of space allowance for the tattoo…. I want either: Megadeth Peace sells…but who’s buying Vic OR Megadeth: Rust in Peace vic. Or if I could find someone good enough Killers Eddie (Iron Maiden) – the thing with things like that is if it’s done badly or the ink fades too quickly then I am stuck with a full arm mess…. fuck it maybe I will just get a mirrored rose like my dad got hahahaha.

Still I best be off, need to try and buy some Euros… the day before on a sunday… fuck knows why I leave it so late!

Holiday Inventory:
Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps War, Pt 1 & 2 Graphic Novels
Daredevil: Devil in Cell Block D pt1.
Unknown Solider: book 1 & 2
Sandman: Dream Country & Seasons of Mists.

As well as #10-20 of Scalped.
Nintendo DS and Pokemon Red, Legend Of Zelda: Link to the past and Metroid: Fusion.

Going to be a good week me thinks,


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