Worst album launch ever? SLASH solo debut album…

Worst album launch ever?

Now considering Slash is not only a household name by this point, but also renown around the world in most music circles as being one of the defining guitarists of our time (whether or not you want to believe it, that is a fact). Despite the fact that Slash left Guns N’ Roses in 1995 (you may even want to ignore the fact that they only release one good album, which dates back even further to 1987) and despite the fact that Slash’s snakepit kinda bombed and Velvet Revolver were a bit of a hit or miss marmite type of band, he has become such an incredibly well known and respected man, musician and image that all people not part of our rock world can associate the stalking presence of a sleazy guitar riff to.

Could Guitar Hero have had something to do with the cat in the hat getting all this mainstream success? Potentially, but one thing is clear – when Slash looked at releasing his first solo album, its not like he needed much more then a casual nod to his radio, chart and mainstream friends and just a simple, “hey… it’s coming.”

Suffice to say, it has come and gone – yes on the whole it IS awesome. In fact the Myles Kennedy tracks are not only the two best things that man has ever put his name too but he with this album and those two songs, cements himself as one of rock music’s greatest singers, that my dear friends is a point that you can not debate… seeing Kennedy tear these songs a new one live is going to be nothing short of incredible, that I can guarantee you!

But this isn’t an album review, no – I do actually want to discuss what I would consider to be a very very poor handle of the launch of this long awaited CD. The hype for SLASH, so imaginatively named I must add, started way back in Autumn 2009. As soon as Slash started talking about Ozzy Ozbourne producing and guest stars such as Lemmy, M.Shadows and… Fergie Ferg of the Black Eyed Peas (?) and…and Adam Levine (of god-awful Maroon 5 ) well we were all ready to see whether this way going to be a massive success or a total failure, although I think we all secretly wanted this to bomb and for Slash to hitail it back to G&R and save the sinking ship that is Axl Rose before the whole thing is ruined for another generation …

For some of us the wait came sooner rather then later… for the majority however the wait not only took an excruciating amount of time, but it carried a real kick in the teeth.

So the “Classic Rock: Slashpack” the limited edition version carrying a song that featured Alice Cooper collaborating with Flea (RHCP) and a pussycat doll… sounds bloody brilliant doesn’t it? Well it was only available via this very limited and online only pack… this was released on April 7th.

Fans are then presented with the opportunity to wait a month for the album release in shops, 10th May – for which it then retails at £12, only £3 less then the Slashpack, yet missing the extra tracks and all the other crap that came with the limited edition. OR fans could go online and try and get hold of a Slashpack.

Or there is a third option. Let me tell you this right now, when you stagger it so reviews of the album start coming out in late Feb and March as well as press copies arriving to people anytime from March onwards – well let’s just say that it doesn’t take an idiot to see how early that went up for illegal download. Honestly if someone really and I meen really wanted to hear the new Slash album what are they going to do?

Wait a month longer, get ripped off by expensive shops. Attempt to try and buy a limited edition version of the album with loads of shit which they then have to wait to get delivered etc etc, or are they just going to go online and illegally download the thing for free. Sure a percentage of people would have downloaded it for free regardless, but I look at this and all I think is that Slash was asking people to rob him.

He should have just bent over and made it even easier for them, who in their right mind would wait a month to get less? Who in this day and age is going to buy an online only product instead of getting said online only product for free from one of thousands of places? I’m not saying it’s right, not by any stretch of the matter. I had a press copy but enjoyed the album enough to go out and buy it when it eventually came into shops but if the press copy never came I would have illegally downloaded it on the 7th. I want it right away. I want a new CD on the DAY OF RELEASE, as do many people. Take away the urgency of a release and the pressure of consumers to spend their money disappears.

Just seems strange that with such an anticipated product, they would restrict it from fans. Was the record label expecting it to cause anticipation to rise? Sure it hit number 3 on the billboard, but maybe release it all, the online legal, the Slashpack AND the CD in store all within the same week- maybe it could have easily reached slot number one.

Not that it matters to Slash, he is so big now that he could have just recorded an album that is just us listening to him jerk off with his dick being used as a guitar slide to his Gibson Les Paul and he still would have been booked by every festival promoter this summer- It’s Slash for fuck sake!

So here are two leaving notes for record labels, distributers and advertisers: Don’t force anticipation, let it build up and then give the fans what they want. Don’t restrict their ability to buy your product and then kick ‘em in the balls with a pair of steel toe capped DM’s. And secondly when releasing your debut music video DO NOT use the shit song!

For real, “By the Sword” sung by Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother) is one of the worst songs on the album and least impressive. Why use this for your first single and debut video? At least try and bring in the mainstream by using Fergie Fergs amazing and foot stomping rock anthem Dangerously Beautiful – that would have got people interested, R&B singer does rock!

Or just for sheer impressiveness Starlight or Back to Cali by Myles Kennedy, both of those songs make me rock hard. This summer is going to fucking rule, seeing this twice at least over summer…if I disappear after SLASH performance for a cheeky 10 minutes, you will know where I will be 😉


Buy the album, don’t download it (get the Slashpack though, that Alice Cooper song rules)! Piracy is for motherfuckers.

-Josh West/ Origami Kid

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  1. Slash is an incredibly good business man (when he’s sober) surrounded by good people who help him to make better business decisions. He’s got deals with Guitar Center, Guitar Hero, and he’s played with nearly every major rock, blues and jazz guitar icon in history at one point or another.

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